Innovative ZAOL Hair Loss Product Launches in the USA

Innovative ZAOL Hair Loss Product Launches in the USA

The Ground breaking Solution for Full, Luxurious Hair: Innovative ZAOL Hair Loss Product Launches in the USA

Now available in the U.S. for the first time, ZAOL Doctor’s Order is a ground breaking, clinically proven hair and scalp treatment with an innovative new application method.

Famed for its innovation in South Korea and backed by the leading company in the German biopharmaceutical industry, Dr. Niedermaier, ZAOL Doctor’s Order works to transform hair from the inside out, treating the scalp with targeted nutrients to regenerate hair follicles, optimizing healthy hair growth.

ZAOL Doctor’s Order product uses plant-based surfactants that are harmless to the human body and has no sulfates, no parabens, no silicone and no coloring. With the support of this technical expertise in vitamins and nutrients, ZAOL Doctor’s Order has managed to produce a range of products that really work.

ZAOL Doctor’s Order products also contain Kopexil, the FDA-approved ingredient for lasting hair restoration known as Diaminopyrimidine Oxide. In fact, this product has obtained a five-star certification from Dermatest, a world-renowned German dermatological research institute.

ZAOL Doctor’s Order is so proud of the results it has produced so far and has ambitions to transform the hair loss market in the USA.


In just one week, internal clinical trials saw a 174.9% increase in scalp condition, while Tricho Scan computer analysis has shown a 203% increase in hairs detected in the growth cycle and a 138% increase in hair thickness. Clinical tests by the P&K Skin Research Centre show that after five days, ZAOL Doctor’s Order products not only increased scalp hydration by 174.9%, but reduced excessive scalp oil by 80.4%, increased hair strength by 11.9%, and improved damaged hair by 21%.

To ensure the best results, ZAOL Doctor’s Order has developed a whole range of products to be used together.

The Synergy Booster delivers the nutrients hair and scalp need in the most effective way. Using its patented nozzle, the cross-shaped spray massages the scalp and ensures hair root benefits.

The Scalp Scaling Shampoo soothes irritation, kills germs, and prevents infection while eradicating dandruff and accelerating hair cell division.

The Edge Booster is a specially designed roll-on stick for receding hairlines, while ZAOL Doctor’s Order’s Cell Booster promises extra potency, crafted with undiluted active ingredients. It is particularly effective when used in conjunction with the Synergy Booster for those suffering from more severe symptoms.

For a high-concentrate premium product that is completely free from purified water, trust the Supple X Scalp Treatment for great results.

Finally, ZAOL Doctor’s Order also includes a Women’s Line specifically developed for women suffering from hair loss, using active ingredients tailored to their needs, while its Expert Line has been specially designed for hair loss clinics.

To find out more about this revolutionary new product and to order ZAOL Doctor’s Order products now, visit

The Ground breaking Solution for Full, Luxurious Hair: Innovative ZAOL Hair Loss Product Launches in the USA


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