Platelet Rich Plasma to Treat Hair Loss

Innovative hair loss treatment uses amniotic fluid

Innovative hair loss treatment uses amniotic fluid

Hair loss can be frustrating, but for those who are at the early stages or are ineligible for a hair transplant, an innovative solution may help— a brand-new form of treatment that uses amniotic tissue.

The non-surgical treatment takes about an hour and uses the patient’s blood as the foundation. The blood is centrifuged to separate the platelets, which have growth compounds, and then the platelets are mixed with stem cell-rich amniotic tissue.

The plasma-like substance is injected into the patient’s top layer of scalp.

Dr. Misbah Khan of New York City is one of few specialists who offers this procedure in the United States, Fox 5 reported.

The procedure works by slowing down hair loss within a matter of days— sometimes after the first shampoo— then, after shedding is reduced, the hair growth takes over.

Regrowth takes about a year, Khan told Fox 5.

The procedure is about $7,000, while the average price of a hair transplant is $20,000.