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Innovative Blog Post on the Hair Transplant Reviews

Silicon Valley Hair Institute Announces Success of Innovative Blog Post on the ‘Hair Transplant Reviews in San Francisco

Silicon Valley Hair Institute, a leader in hair restoration and robotic hair surgery is proud to announce important resonance in the pickup of an innovative blog post on the issue of “reviews” with respect to hair transplantation in San Francisco, California.

The company uses its lively blog to discuss the technology and lifestyle components of deciding to use new hair transplantation technologies, such as the ARTAS robotic hair restoration system.

“We appreciate the support of our community and the positive response from people who have come to know the work we do in hair loss treatments,” explained Miguel Canales, MD, surgeon and founder of Silicon Valley Hair Institute.

“Discussions what is meant by ‘reviews’ with respect to hair transplantation technology is important as it’s hard to compare quality in something as technical as hair transplantation.”

Interested persons can read the original blog post from Silicon Valley Hair Institute at

Perhaps more importantly, interested persons can see that the blog post and companion press release were heavily picked up by online outlets, as for example at and

This shows the interest of the general public in understanding what “best” means when it comes to San Francisco Bay Area hair transplantation and corresponding reviews.


Here is background on this release. Community reviews and so-called “word of mouse” in the form of online reviews for excellent service can be considered the most important piece to keeping a business going. If a service or product earns high praise on Yelp or Google, it can lead to good buzz throughout the community.

It may be important to know not all reviews are alike. Recognition from colleagues or the community at large may be important, but it might not be first on the list.

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For a professional hair transplant surgeon, the most important feedback could come straight from patients. If it’s regarding San Francisco hair transplant reviews, patient feedback can be the priority.

For these reasons, Silicon Valley Hair Institute originally wrote an original post to its blog on the topic of what “best” means when it comes to hair transplant reviews. This was then shared in a companion press release and was heavily picked up in the media.

For a hair transplant surgeon, in summary, accolades may be appreciated, but are not the main concern. San Francisco hair transplant reviews from patients are of paramount interest.


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