Ink-credible Scalp Micropigmentation

Ink-credible announces the launch of their new Scalp Micropigmentation clinic

Ink-credible announces the launch of their new Scalp Micropigmentation clinic

For many people, hair loss is an embarrassing and distressing condition. They often feel self-conscious and less attractive.

There are many ways that people attempt to resolve their baldness. They use fibers, powders, hair systems and comb-overs.

Many choose hair transplant surgery where hairs from the back of their heads are removed and implanted on their crown or hairline.

Recently, a new method to treat baldness has been developed. Scalp Micropigmentation is a form of tattoo where pigment is implanted in the scalp to simulate tiny hair follicles.

This procedure then gives the illusion of a full head of hair.

Who can benefit from this new hair loss solution?

Men who wish to sport the buzzed look can appear to have a full head of hair, complete with a natural, youthful hairline.

Some hair transplant patients are not satisfied with the density of their hair. With the addition of Scalp Micropigmentation, these men can achieve the desired look of a full head of hair.

Often Hair Transplant patients are self-conscious about the linear scar resulting from the hair transplant surgery. Through Scalp Micropigmentation, Carol Cheshire, president of Ink-credible Scalp Micropigmentation is able to camouflage the scar and blend it with the rest of the hair.

People who suffer with Alopecia feel self-conscious and are often perceived as being ill or going through chemotherapy, when in fact they are perfectly healthy. Scalp Micropigmentation takes away the stigma of baldness and restores a natural look. Carol can also provide natural-looking eyebrows for men or women with Alopecia.

Thinning hair is an embarrassment to women. Scalp Micropigmentation can fill in the areas of hair loss and help them look beautiful, younger and restore their confidence.

Women often seek Permanent Makeup (cosmetic tattoo) to restore the fullness of their eyebrows as well.

About Ink-credible Scalp Micropigmentation:

Ms. Carol Cheshire, President of Ink-credible, has many years of experience in Permanent Makeup. Her expertise has included restoring beautiful eyebrows, eyeliner, lips and areolas. She has performed her services nationally and in Canada.

She works primarily out of the Bucks/Lehigh County, Pa region but is open to travel globally.

Ms. Cheshire has been specifically trained and certified in Scalp Micropigmentation. She is one of the few independent providers in the region.