Home tests for hair loss

Hair-loss-home-testsHow do you know if you are in fact inching towards hair loss or panicking for no reason after seeing a few strands on your hairbrush?

The signs will be quite apparent and with a few simple tests, you can even reverse the condition if it’s not too late.

Though going to a trichologist will be helpful, many ignore the signs and visit one only after it is too late. 

So, here are two tests you can do at home to detect if you are indeed suffering from hair loss and follow some pointers to help beat the condition.

Though one can take these two hair fall evaluation methods at home, remember, these tests aren’t diagnostic and are only meant to give you an estimate of the amount of hair fall you have.

Daily hair count test

It’s natural to lose up to 100-150 strands of hair in a day. You can keep a check on that by literally counting your sheds for a period of seven days. This is one of the clinical evaluation methods as well. Here, the patient is asked to collect all hair they lose in the shower or sink or on the brush. It is expected to lose more strands on the days you shampoo your hair. This method will help you get a better idea of the extent of your hair fall.

60-second comb test

This is an easier one. Before shampooing your hair, sit on a white sheet, with a white pillow and a comb. Now, for 60 seconds comb your hair from the back of your scalp to the front. You need to repeat this procedure for three consecutive days.

Count all the hair fallen on the pillow and stuck in the comb. It will help understand if you are losing more than 100-150 hair every day.

In case you realise you are a victim of premature hair loss, there are several things you can do to tackle this problem. Here are some pointers to bear in mind to stop hair fall to an extent.

Oils: Oils are extremely healthy and a good way to nourish the scalp and hair. There are a variety of oils to choose from. Castor oil has been effective in preventing and stopping hair fall. Applying egg oil regularly to your scalp is another way of controlling hair loss. Egg oil is extracted from the egg yolks and is a rich source of the essential fatty acids, antioxidants and cholesterol. Here are some more oils you can apply to prevent hair loss. The massaging technique is also important. Read Javed Habib’s tips to oil hair the right way.

A healthy diet: This is the most common suggestion for reducing hair loss. That’s because it’s the most important one too. Our diet should comprise all the essential nutrients required by our body and only then can our hair be healthy. Some common nutrients required are – protein (acts as the building block of every tissue in our body including the hair and scalp), vitamin C (collagen production is very important to hold the hair tissues together in place and vitamin C helps do the needful). Apart from these, you also need copper, iron, zinc and vitamin B complex. Learn why.

Avoid styling products: The heat and chemicals involved in various styling processes are nothing but harmful for your hair and scalp. Their excessive use can damage your hair beyond immediate repair. Therefore people who notice hair loss should be wise enough to avoid using them. Even regular use of hair gels and other styling tools like curlers, etc should be to a minimum.

Apart from the above pointers, avoid washing your hair with hot water, tying it up in a tight ponytail or braid all the time, drink sufficient water and massage your scalp regularly to enhance the blood flow. These are some practices that ensure reduction in hair loss.