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Heredity, Aging, and the Environment All Factors in Hair Loss

Heredity, Aging, and the Environment All Factors in Hair Loss: New WDS Member Research

In a society where hair and appearance play such an important role, most do not realize the significance and connection between a healthy scalp and healthy hair, and how daily, individual habits play a part.

An advisory board, including twelve experts in hair fibers and hair loss, was formed to review hair loss in relation to heredity, aging and environmental factors highlighting measures that may slow alopecia, a type of hair loss that occurs when your immune system mistakenly attacks hair follicles.

“Although healthy scalp and hair are of prime importance, the general public is not knowledgeable about these issues.

Most people have little awareness about how to appropriately care for their hair and scalp.

While Genetic and Hormonal Changes Are Important, Weathering and Grooming Show Affects

Healthy hair and healthy scalp typically complement each other, so a healthy scalp is needed to give the appearance of healthy hair and vice versa.”

In their paper, “What Ages Hair?” Assaf Monselise, MD, David E. Cohen, MD, MPH, Rita Wanser, and Jerry Shapiro, MD explain in detail how these factors and certain treatments influence the structure of hair.

“The advisors agreed that aging of hair is an inevitable process that is determined by an interplay of many factors including weathering, grooming habits, UV exposure, hair color, androgenetic alopecia and other age-related thinning.

Choice of hair care products is important to the overall health of scalp and hair.”

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