We Grow Hair – PAI Medical Group Now Provides Innovative Micro-Pigmentation Technique

hair-pigmentationThe hair transplant experts at We Grow Hair – PAI Medical Group Nashville are now offering a new and innovative hair restoration technique to patients in the Nashville, Tennessee area called Micro-pigmentation.

This non-surgical procedure uses a permanent pigment to simulate the look of short, closely-shaven hair and blends in with the natural hairline.

Originally developed by a clinic in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Micro-pigmentation technique involves introducing colored cosmetic pigment, similar to what is used in permanent makeup, into the scalp microscopically. This creates small dots or hash marks that appear just like hair that has been recently shaven.

Even upon close inspection, the Micro-pigmentation creates a seamless edge with the natural hairline, leaving an undetectable finish.

This virtual hair procedure provides several benefits to those suffering from hair loss. Both men who prefer to keep their hair short and women who have small thinning areas on the scalp would benefit from this, as well as those not ready for the commitment and recovery time that hair transplant surgery requires.

Additionally, it can help those with many types of scalp conditions such as various types of alopecia and scarring on the scalp.

The medical specialists at We Grow Hair – PAI Medical Group Nashville are committed to helping those struggling with all types of hair loss and offer a wide variety of hair replacement and transplant techniques at their Nashville offices.

Clinic Director Michael Ramsey elaborates, “We are proud of our business standing and continually set new standards of care in the very exciting field of surgical and non-surgical hair restoration. Our state-of-the art procedures yield the finest results found anywhere in the world. “

About We Grow Hair – PAI Medical Group Nashville:

Founded 18 years ago, We Grow Hair – PAI Medical Group Nashville is a well-established hair restoration practice lead by Chief Surgeon Samuel Botta M.D. and Clinic Director Michael Ramsey. They specialize in multiple types of hair transplants including both male and female patients as well as eyebrow and beard transplants. They use both multi unit hair grafting and follicular unit extraction techniques. Additionally, they offer both in person and virtual client consultations. We Grow Hair – PAI Medical Group Nashville is part of a larger conglomerate of PAI Medical.