FreshSkin Announces Low Level Light Laser Therapy

freshskin hair lossDr. Josie Tenore and the FreshSkin team announced today that a new treatment for hair loss – Low Level Light Laser Therapy – has been added to their practice. Very few things are more devastating than hair loss.

According to recent statistics approximately 21 million women and 35 million men in the United States suffer from hair loss.

“I have been practicing medicine for 30 years and I have watched many of my patients, both men and women, lose their hair. Now I can help put a smile back on their faces and regrow their hair by using a laser and not a scalpel,” said Dr. Josie with FreshSkin Aesthetic Medicine Center.

Lasers are widely used in medicine and now they are being used successfully to stimulate hair growth.

It works because light laser therapy stimulates the hair follicles in an environment where they can thrive. The FreshSkin light laser therapy will deliver gentle, nourishing laser light that is applied directly to the scalp to increase blood flow around the hair follicles.

This results in follicles that are infused with the energy needed to stimulate growth.

“This is not a one-time treatment. Typically we see patients two to three times a week, generally for 20 minutes each session. Depending on the diagnosis and reason for the hair loss, it could be a treatment we recommend for a number of months,” said Dr. Josie Tenore.

Low Level Light Laser Therapy is non-invasive so patients should not feel any discomfort. Because this is a ‘cold’ laser, there is no burning or UV radiation associated with the procedure.

One of the great benefits is that patients are able to immediately return to their normal schedule and resume their regular activities.

Anyone suffering from hair loss and those individuals that may be noticing the first signs of hair loss, men and women alike, can benefit from this new advancement in hair restoration.

“My vision has always been to help people feel good—on the inside and out. That’s why I began my practice as a family physician and then decided to specialize in aesthetics,” said Dr. Josie Tenore.

About Dr. Josie

Dr. Josie L Tenore, MD, MSc, is a board-certified family physician who became interested in aesthetics during medical school. Dr. Josie began her practice with family medicine because she enjoyed the challenge of delivering comprehensive health and well-being to people of all ages. This unique combination of family medicine and aesthetics led her to advocate a program of eating well, exercising and aesthetics for patients who want to have the best quality of life.

About FreshSkin

After considering the qualities people would want in an ideal skin care partner, we designed FreshSkin. That’s why we offer you a combination of clinical expertise, caring staff, state-of-the-art technology, and treatments for a wide range of conditions. Serving the North Shore since 1998.