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Dr Ray Woods The World’s Leading Hair Transplant Surgeon Gains Worldwide Recognition For His Hair Regeneration Results

Dr Ray Woods The World’s Leading Hair Transplant Surgeon Gains Worldwide Recognition For His Hair Regeneration Results

Each year men who suffer from balding travel from all over the world including the UK, France, Spain, and the USA to Sydney Australia for the Dr Ray Woods technique.

The hair transplant expert provides various solutions to bring back men’s confidence and help them regain their hair.

With the positive results he has achieved, Dr Ray Woods has become one of the leading hair transplant expert in the world.Dr Ray Woods Hair Transplant Technique has become the leading hair loss transplant clinic in the world.

The world’s leading hair transplant surgeon invented the FUE procedure in 1989 and has verifiably and individually performed more FUE procedures than any other doctor worldwide, with 25 years’ experience.

With the positive results the FUE Hair Transplant has achieved, the Sydney-based hair transplant clinic attracts men and women with hair loss help from around the world.

Hair loss is one of the most common symptoms of aging, 80% of men in Scotland and 50 million men in the US suffer from hair loss.

When a man’s hair starts to thin, a large portion of men loses their confidence and identity.

Unfortunately, that results in tens of millions of men turning to hair loss products that do not work, making the industry very profitable with no real results.

One technique that does work and which has gained worldwide media recognition is the Dr Ray Woods Hair Transplant Technique.Dr Ray Woods found many hair transplant operations didn’t work long term and decided to look into the reason.

He found that many hair transplant surgeons were cutting corners, trying to undertake as many hair transplant operations as they could each month.However, when rushing the procedure and cutting corners, the results were short term hair growth.

As a result of his research, Dr Ray Woods invented a procedure that did work, and hence the FUE Hair Transplant was born.

It is a modern approach to hair loss with real results.

Over the years, DR. Ray Woods has helped men and women who experienced failed hair regeneration procedures and helped them to have long term successful hair growth using the FUE Hair Transplant Technique.

With his honest approach, he has become respected by professionals as well as clients from all over the world.

Dr Ray Woods, who offers a one to one consultation at his Sydney hair transplant clinic, offers a range of services to help rejuvenate hair and reverse the hair loss that men and women may be experiencing. Those services include:

FUE Hair Transplant

Body Hair Transplant or BHT Hair that was devised by Dr Ray Woods in 1998

Repair of Misplaced Hair Plugs

Repair of Destructive FUE i.e., ‘Production Line FUE’

Micro-surgical skin grafting to damaged & misplaced hairlines

As a leading hair transplant expert, Dr Woods has become the most recommended hair professional in Sydney and around the world when hair transplant procedures go wrong. A lot of men travel to third world countries to receive cut-price surgical procedures. However, a large portion of those men turn to Dr Woods due to the mistakes that have been made.

To learn more about the FUE Hair Transplant Technique and why the Sydney Hair Transplant clinic has become the most respected in the world, please visit www.woodstechnique.com.au

About Dr Woods

Dr Ray Woods graduated from Sydney University Medical School in 1982. He had wide experience in many areas of medicine including Neurosurgery, Obstetrics, and Internal Medicine, trauma, skin cancer surgery and cosmetic Dermatological surgery.