Dr. John Pierce Helps Las Vegas Patients Reclaim a Youthful Head of Hair


Dr. John Pierce Helps Las Vegas Patients Reclaim a Youthful Head of Hair

Dr. John Pierce, Medical Director at the Ageless Forever clinic in Las Vegas, Nevada, invites patients to learn more about hair loss treatment with the Capillus272™ Pro laser therapy cap.

FDA cleared for safety and efficacy, the Capillus272 offers men and women an effective solution for thicker and fuller hair, without the need for surgery, prescription pills, or topical foams.

“Capillus272™ Pro is a home-use device that is simple to use to achieve clinical results,” says Dr. Pierce. “Capillus increases capillary blood flow in the dermis of the follicle, increasing cellular activity and oxygenation to the dermal papilla.” As a result of this oxygenation, Dr. Pierce reports about 70% of Telogen (resting phase) hairs are pushed into the Anagen phase, the part of the hair growth cycle when active growth occurs.

“Approximately 90% of patients stop progression of thinning hair by using the Capillus,” explains Dr. Pierce. “About 50% of patients experience regrowth of miniaturized hairs.”

According to Dr. Pierce, other benefits to using Capillus272™ Pro include prolonging the duration for which hair holds a perm while also helping hair to keep its color for a longer period of time.

Patients also report having faster growing hair with a greater degree of manageability when it comes to styling, grooming, and maintaining.

At Ageless Forever, physicians, technicians, and staff are fully committed to helping patients slow down and reverse the manifestations of the aging process.

The anti-aging and longevity clinic is headed by Medical Director, Dr. John Pierce. Dr. Pierce is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine, as well as Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.

At Ageless Forever, patients enjoy proven treatments in a safe, clean, and professional medical clinic conveniently located at 6020 S. Rainbow Blvd., Suite C, Las Vegas NV 89118.

To learn more about laser hair restoration, visit to read frequently asked questions about Capillus272™ laser caps and physicians in Las Vegas.

Ageless Forever is an authorized member of the Capillus Physiicans Network, providing patients with the latest in FDA cleared laser technology and expert care.