DigniCap To Reduce Hair Loss For Chemotherapy Patients

DigniCap® To Reduce Hair Loss For Chemotherapy Patients

Bronson Battle Creek Cancer Care Center is the first and only cancer center in Michigan to offer the DigniCap – a scalp cooling system that helps reduce hair loss in breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Just approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration last December, the DigniCap is only available in 15 cancer centers across the nation.

The cooling cap reduces the scalp to 41 degrees Fahrenheit during chemotherapy so blood flow to the scalp is reduced and less chemo goes to the hair.

“We are so proud to be among the first cancer centers to offer such innovative technology,” says Dr. Randy Mudge, medical director at Bronson Battle Creek Cancer Care Center. “Bronson is not only focused on quality medical outcomes, we’re focused on the overall wellbeing of our patients – and this is just one way we’re helping them have more confidence during their difficult journey through cancer treatment.”

The Bronson Health Foundation has been actively fundraising to bring the DigniCap to patients at The Cancer Care Center.

The DigniCap is being offered free of charge to breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

The cooling cap is used during each chemo treatment. In a clinical trial, 66 percent of women utilizing the cap lost less than half of their hair.

“The Bronson Health Foundation is grateful to our community for its generosity which allows us to bring this technology to Battle Creek,” says Terry Morrow, vice president of development and community health. “We are happy to support this initiative with the hope that our patients battling breast cancer have an opportunity to benefit from cutting-edge technology that can diminish an unpleasant side effect during treatment.”

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