Central Florida Doctor Played Active Role in International Hair Loss Scientific Meeting in San Francisco

Dr. Marco Barusco, founder of Tempus Hair Restoration (www.tempushair.com) and Florida’s leading hair restoration surgeon, participated in the ISHRS 21st Annual Scientific Meeting in San Francisco, CA, from October 23-26.

The ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) is a prominent authority on hair loss treatment and restoration. Each year, members participate in panel discussions, lectures, debates, workshops, live patient viewing and more.

Dr. Barusco is an integral part of the ISHRS and a widely acclaimed trainer and innovator in the field of hair restoration surgery, and was a featured presenter throughout the convention. Over the course of the meeting, Dr. Barusco hosted several lectures, including one on “Graft Preservation and Storage Solutions,” and another on “Over-the-Counter Treatments for Hair Loss.” Dr. Barusco also presented a video about the groundbreaking new No-Shave FUE technique, which was well received by members of the audience.

“Specialists in hair restoration surgery have made a number of innovative technological and procedural leaps in recent years, and it is important that all restorative surgeons keep abreast of the latest news and information,” said Dr. Barusco of the Meeting.  The latest hair transplantation textbook, released during the congress, featured three chapters written by Barusco, who believes the book is “the most comprehensive textbook written so far in our specialty.”

About Dr. Barusco: For over a decade, Dr. Marco Barusco has committed himself to improving the quality of his patients’ lives through the latest and most cutting-edge hair transplantation and restoration procedures. He has served in key roles on a number of prominent hair restoration surgery committees, including the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) and the ISHRS.  A hair transplant recipient himself, he understands the great significance of opting for hair restoration surgery and is devoted to making the procedure as easy and successful as possible.

About the ISHRS: The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery is comprised of over 1000 pioneers in the field, hailing from 60 countries worldwide. Recognized as the leading professional society in the field, the ISHRS promotes the continuing education and research of its members in order to provide better futures for all hair restoration and transplantation recipients.