Capillus and National Hair Loss Team to Promote Breast Cancer Awareness

Capillus and National Hair Loss promote awareness for breast cancer this October, offering women hope through hair loss recovery.

“Women have 2 questions when they find out they have cancer,” says Carly Klein. “The first is, ‘Am I going to live?’ The second is, “Will I lose my hair?’”

Carly Klein is the Founder of National Hair Loss, an organization that pairs men and women with licensed medical professionals to develop personalized hair loss treatment plans.

With 10 years’ experience in treating alopecia, Klein has spent the past 6 years focusing on patients recovering from chemotherapy. Many of those patients are women suffering with breast cancer, an illness that affects over 12% of women worldwide.

“Remission is when you look your worst,” says Klein. “You don’t want pity, you just want to look better.”

Through National Hair Loss, women find hope. “We help patients in various stages of cancer treatment,” she explains. “From initial diagnosis to active treatment and remission, our team creates personalized plans for hair recovery that ultimately give patients hope during such difficult times.”

To encourage faster and thicker hair growth, National Hair Loss recommends low level laser therapy (LLLT), a medical treatment for hair loss that is both minimally invasive and chemical-free.

“In my experience, laser hair therapy has been able to speed up the growth in some cases up to 50%, taking half the time to get your hair back,” explains Klein*.

National Hair Loss receives laser therapy caps through a partnership with Capillus, the leading manufacturer of physician-managed laser therapy products.

Along with Capillus laser caps, treatment plans typically include Capillus sulfate- and paraben-free hair care products to gently clean and nourish the scalp.

Promoting Awareness for Breast Cancer

“Almost everyone knows someone—a spouse, a friend, a relative— who has been affected by breast cancer,” says Capillus Marketing Director, Frances Piña-Brea. “Together, we can promote awareness for this terrible illness, and ultimately save lives.”

Capillus and National Hair Loss encourage readers to visit to learn more about October Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Readers may also visit to learn more about breast cancer, early detection, and organizing breast cancer awareness fundraisers.

*Most laser therapy devices are cleared by the USA FDA for adults suffering from androgenetic alopecia. None have been cleared specifically for chemotherapy-induced hair loss.

The USFDA has not evaluated claims for the use of LLLT under the conditions stated here.