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Best Hair Restoration Doctors in Houston

Best Hair Restoration Doctors in Houston for 2019 – Cosmetic Town Announces

Cosmetic Town, a Los Angeles based online plastic surgery and information community, spotlights the best hair restoration doctors providing natural looking results that last a lifetime for patients with thinning hair as well as those with balding areas on the scalp.

Cosmetic Town is making it easier for patients to get the information they desire about the board-certified surgeons in Houston creating the hairline they desire by publishing a list of the “Best Hair Restoration Doctors in Houston in 2019”.

According to the senior editor of Cosmetic Town, “Many people begin to suffer from hair loss as they get older. There are multiple reasons that male and female patients can suffer from hair loss and they include genetics as well as infections and other medical issues.

Hair loss can impact the appearance of a person as well as the self-esteem of that person. A person with a healthy head of hair is often viewed as being youthful and successful so suffering from hair loss can have a negative impact on the confidence of a person.”

The senior editor noted that hair restoration can be performed using a number of techniques. “A follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplant is when the hair transplant surgeon individually harvests the hair grafts of the patient from the scalp donor area.

The surgeon is able to remove the hair grafts without leaving a linear scalp scar. FUE grafts can also be harvested using Robotic FUE (ARTAS) which uses computer assistance to harvest the hair follicles. The ARTAS system is programed by the doctor to separate the follicle groups as well as dissect the grafts.

The hair grafts are then transplanted by the surgical staff of the doctor. Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) starts when the hair transplant surgeon trims a narrow strip of hair from the patient. The surgeon then cuts a strip of scalp from the back of the head, where the hair has been trimmed, in order to remove the skin with the hair follicles. The follicular units are dissected in their natural grouping and are then implanted in the direction in which the hair follicles grow.”

When it was time for the Cosmetic Town research team to pick the best hair restoration doctors for the Houston list, the senior editor said the decision was made using the Cosmetic Town intelligent system. “Our research team uses an intelligent algorithm that is specifically focused on cosmetic surgery.

The research staff examines the overall skill level of the cosmetic doctors as well as the amount of patient education they perform on a regular basis. We also take a close look at the overall level of satisfaction felt by patients with their doctor and the number of articles written by the doctor on a regular basis to share with their peers.

The doctors that make the final list are chosen by the guidelines listed above and they do not provide any type of compensation to make the list.”

About Cosmetic Town

Cosmetic Town is an online cosmetic medicine publication whose mission is to share knowledge, inspire people and improve lives though cosmetic medicine. The website features doctors who were endorsed and highly recommended by their peers. Its reliable and streamlined database allows users to easily access the cosmetic surgery information they need with just a click of a button.

Best Hair Restoration Doctors in Houston for 2019 – Cosmetic Town Announces


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