BBIM Institue Introduces Trichology Training Courses for Cosmetologists

BBIM Institue Introduces 5 Day Herbal Trichology Training Courses for Cosmetologists The trichology classes at BBIM are designed specifically for working cosmetologists with their busy schedules in mind. Instead of teaching textbook style, the courses focus on hands-on practical skills and theoretical understanding of Herbal Trichology.

A full, five day training protocol allows cosmetologists to diagnose a client’s scalp and hair condition, to provide appropriate herbal treatment, and to follow up with after care.


Along with the Trichology Practitioner and Trichologist classes, a Trichology Instructor class for those who want to teach trichology is also offered.

Hannah Ku, the Executive Director of BBIM Institute and the Editor-in-chief of CosmoBiz Salon explained trichology, “The older version of trichology was first introduced in 1902 as a potential medical specialty by a group of medical doctors. In the combination of modern science and eastern herbal remedies, BBIM created a five day training course where cosmetologists can learn about the unique qualities of Herbal Trichology and the skills to provide services at salons or spas.”

“I am very thankful for the many industry leaders who came together to make all this possible. It wouldn’t be possible without the selfless contribution of the many scholars who helped put our textbook together.

I am also excited about our partnership with Bella Crown, who sponsors trichology equipment, training supplies and products through its own line, Tressential. We are still in the process of getting more corporate sponsorship and partnership, and I hope more companies will join our effort,” says Ku.

The BBIM Institute recently signed an educational partnership with Bella Crown who manufactures and distributes Tressential products for Herbal Trichology.

Natalie Abbas, Chief Operating Officer at Bella Crown, said during the signing agreement, “More people are suffering from hair loss today than ever before.

Modern science has done a great deal to improve our lives while creating unwanted side effects. Herbal Trichology is not new science. It is more than a thousand years old, and its remedies and treatments have carried us this far in human history.

We are just reintroducing them. I am honored to be part of BBIM’s effort in training cosmetologists with these therapeutic scalp services and to be part of making history.“

BBIM Institute recently built a new training facility in the Washington, D.C. metro area and is scheduled to open new training centers in Richmond (Virginia), Atlanta, Chicago, LA, Dallas, and New York this year.

BBIM is a research and training institute for hair replacement systems, and publishes a monthly magazine, CosmoBiz Salon, specializing in non-surgical hair loss treatment and systems.

Bella Crown, Inc. manufactures and distributes herbal and organic personal care products, hair extensions and medical wigs.