Nutrafol Hair Loss and thinning hair vitamins for men and women

Are Hair Vitamins Meeting All the Hype

Are Hair Vitamins Meeting All the Hype?

Hair vitamins, from gummies to pills, are flooding the market with the promise to grow and strengthen hair. But do they actually work?

Nutrafol has been at the forefront of the hair vitamin industry and is one of few contenders that has been clinically proven to improve hair growth performance.

Using 100% drug-free, natural ingredients, Nutrafol has proven to improve hair growth and quality with their groundbreaking, patented Synergen Complex®. The Synergen Complex® consists of a blend of clinically effective medical-grade botanicals that target the underlying factors contributing to hair thinning in both men and women hair loss vitamins

Nutrafol’s core supplements and targeted boosters help to balance stress, hormones, environmental factors, nutrition, and metabolism to deliver the most natural and effective hair wellness supplement on the market.

Nutrafol products are a great choice for both prevention of hair loss as well as improvement of thinning hair. The Naderi Center for Plastic Surgery and Dermatology’s Board-Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Alexandra Snodgrass, is a big advocate of combining hair supplements with semi-invasive medical procedures for optimal treatment of hair loss.

Dr. Snodgrass comments that “one of the reasons I encourage Nutrafol use is because their bioactive ingredients are supported by numerous clinical studies.” Dr. Snodgrass also says that the daily supplement has proven to be effective for multiple types and causes of hair loss and to expect noticeable results around 3-6 months after starting treatment.

Nutrafol contains a patented Synergen Complex® blend of ingredients that comes in three types: Nutrafol for Women, Nutrafol for Men, and Nutrafol for Women’s Balance. Nutrafol for Women includes the essential protein, marine collagen to fight the harmful effects of stress on hair thickness and volume.

Nutrafol for Men contains Saw Palmetto, a highly effective DHT blocker that helps to tackle increased DHT production seen in men experiencing hair loss. “Nutrafol for men is as effective as leading topical products and can potentially be used for those trying to avoid prescriptions with higher side effect profiles,” says Dr. Snodgrass. Nutrafol for Women’s Balance is a special formula containing additional ingredients, Maca and Astaxanthin to provide extra support for peri and post-menopausal women against the decline in hormones and oxidative stress involved in aging.

Nutrafol’s online Hair Wellness Evaluation allows patients and physicians to create an ideal GrowthPlan® that will include products specific to each patient’s needs.

The Nutrafol armamentarium of supplements also includes a hair probiotic, a hair growth serum and a stress adaptogen. The Hair Growth Serum is exclusively available to Nutrafol Pro Partners like the Naderi Center for Plastic Surgery & Dermatology until June 2021.

The Naderi Center is truly the most specialized and unique plastic surgery & dermatology practice in the United States

Are Hair Vitamins Meeting All the Hype?


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