Alvi Armani Hair Loss Research Discontinues ‘Hair Cloning’ Research.

ALVI ARMANI INTERNATIONAL - Alvi Armani Hair Loss ResearchAlvi Armani Hair Loss Research has announced restructuring of its research program to increase focus on patented Origenere TR1 natural plant extract for hair loss treatment.

A breakthrough formula, TR1 has shown efficacy in treating hair loss, stopping hair loss, and hair regrowth.A study using Origenere TR1 extract exhibited hair growth up to 38%, significant improvement versus Minoxidil and Finasteride. Earlier stages of hair loss (see AlviArmani Hair Loss Scale at benefit the most.

“Our research has yielded an exceptional breakthrough in hair loss treatment. We have come across a natural plant extract that yields better results than other treatments available. TR1 works by invigorating miniaturized follicles. We have discovered that hairs do not ‘die’, they miniaturize. TR1 enables that reversal”, said Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi, Medical Director.

Alvi Armani Hair Loss Research also announced discontinuation of research into ‘hair replication’, ‘hair cloning’, or ‘hair multiplication’ due to insurmountable technical issues. Hair cloning entitles taking cells of a few hair follicles and replicating the composing cells. The now larger cell count would be injected into the scalp resulting in new hairs secondary to formation of new follicles or triggering of cellular signalling to surrounding follicles.

“Any hair loss treatment must produce cosmetically acceptable results and without control of hair angulation and trajectory in hair cloning, unattractive cosmetic outcomes are likely. The amount of donor follicles to be collected is far greater than initially thought. Donor cell extraction process is difficult with significant amount of cellular waste producing limited usable cells. Thousands of follicles are needed to replicate them for treating baldness. Potential for cancer development with excessive auto replication of injected cloned cells is also a concern,” said Dr. Hayatdavoudi.

Alvi Armani Hair Loss Research continues to be at the forefront of this challenging and amazing field, leading in research and treatments, including ‘hair cloning’, ‘genetic treatments’, ‘growth factor treatments’, ‘natural hair loss treatments’, and ‘hair loss drugs’. Five patents have been filed to date. Alvi Armani Hair Transplants has worldwide clinics in Beverly Hills, Buenos Aires, and New Delhi.

SOURCE Alvi Armani International