AK Clinics Introduces A Free Consultation Hair Analysis Session

hair lossEver wondered how a little hope can sparkle up the surrounding? Well, we understand the concerns that a person who is partially bald or is losing hair gradually, has.

Even a little hope of having healthy and fuller hair makes you travel miles.

But in most cases, the result is not as fruitful. Keeping in mind the expectations of several souls suffering from hair loss, AK Clinics started its tenure a few years back.With the intention to enlighten the world of hair loss patients with hope and remarkable results, AK Clinics introduced its high tech range of techniques. The well equipped hair transplant clinic makes use of FUE technology for hair transplant.

AK Clinics has initiated an effort that aims at helping people in understanding their hair better and in staying proactive. The leading cosmetic surgery center has organized a consultation hair analysis test in Delhi and Ludhiana on 9th Feb and 16th Feb resp. The entire hair analysis test will be done with Caslite, which is the world’s most sophisticated hair analysis system.

The test will let you know about the hair texture and probable hair growth pattern. The best part about the whole consultation and analysis is that it is absolutely free.

Yes, you hear it right!

The test which usually cost around Rs. 1200 will be done free for you. What accompanies along is a detailed hair transplant seminar that emphasizes over the proactive measures one can take and the techniques that are used by doctors in concern. No wonder you love your hair the most, so why to waste time, visit their site now for registration.

About AK Clinic:

The venture, AK Clinics was initiated by Dr. Kapil Dua & Dr. Aman Dua in year 2007.

With world class infrastructure, use of advanced technologies and 1000+ successful hair transplants, AK Clinics has secured a spot amongst the leading cosmetic surgery centers in India.