3rd Dimension Studios Offers Resources to Men and Women with Questions About Hair Loss via New Website

hair lossHair loss is a highly personal matter for many people. Whether it is due to a medical condition or heredity, individuals living with hair loss often feel that their appearance with hair loss does not reflect who they truly are.

When that happens, they start seeking answers and alternatives. This is true, regardless of age, situation, or location.

That is why 3rd Dimension Studios has also expanded its reach, serving clients in the US and the UK in addition to its Toronto-based clientele.

3rd Dimension Studios serves individuals with hair replacement solutions using their HD hair systems, and has a deep understanding of hair loss and how to overcome it. That is why the company has spent a significant amount of time and effort in compiling information about it.

The Hair Wiki is a special area of the site dedicated to providing people with information about why hair loss occurs, what alternatives are available, and how to maintain any hair systems or wigs that people choose to utilize.

It is a powerful resource with well-researched data accumulated from the studio’s extensive knowledge and experience in the field of hair replacement.

A common inquiry for clients who approach 3rd Dimension is whether they will need to undergo surgery to obtain truly natural-looking hair again.

That is why 3rd Dimension has provided a wealth of information about non-surgical hair replacement, dispelling common misconceptions about these solutions and providing honest answers to these types of questions.

In addition to educating people about realistic hair systems and hair system use, 3rd Dimension has also provided information about the best products people can use in maintaining their systems and wigs.

This includes pieces that are in use everyday, as well as those used in theatrical or performance settings. A wide variety of people use wigs and hair pieces on a regular basis, and will find this website a useful resource in learning more about proper care and maintenance.

About 3rd Dimension Studios

3rd Dimension Studios is a company comprised of hair replacement professionals who have been serving clients for decades.

Owner and founder Greg has been involved in the hair system industry since 1999, and has compiled a team of dedicated stylists and hair specialists who help clients with every aspect of the hair replacement process. The company serves clients around the world, from Toronto and the United States to as far away as the UK.