New FDA Cleared Theradome Laser Therapy Helmet is a Validated Hair Loss Treatment Created by Former NASA Scientist

thereadome-laser-helmetTheradome™, developers of the first clinical-level laser hair restoration product, today announced the launch of the Theradome Laser Helmet LH80 PRO, the first FDA and over-the-counter cleared, wearable laser hair restoration treatment.

The light-based medical treatment was developed for the convenience of in-home use and is clinically tested, and designed for patients suffering from the debilitating effects of thinning hair and Androgenetic Alopecia.  Read more

Multipotent Stem Cell Proteins Support Soft Tissue Regeneration

wound studyHistogen, Inc., a regenerative medicine company developing solutions based on the products of cells grown under simulated embryonic conditions, announced that Dr. Michael Zimber will give a podium presentation entitled “Human Multipotent Stem Cell Proteins Support Soft Tissue Regeneration” today at the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society (TERMIS) Americas Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA.
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Revolutionary “Cooling Cap” Designed To Prevent Chemotherapy-Related Hair Loss


Hair loss is quite possibly the most common complaint and inconvenience associated with chemotherapy.

Finding a solution to counteract this effect has been in popular demand. Digitana, from Lund, Sweden, has stepped up to the plate and begun the process to help provide cancer patients a solution.

Digitana has begun FDA testing for clinical use in the U.S.  Read more

Cheltenham trichologist Mark Blake offers hair loss advice to Prince William on hair loss

Prince WilliamA Cheltenham hairdresser has issued advice to men like Prince William, who begin to experience hair loss in their 20s.

Mark Blake, who co-owns Blushes hair salon and is also a trained trichologist, said there was a host of effective options available now that weren’t there in years past.

In an article on the Beauty4Media website, Mark explains that the first step was setting up a consultation with an expert, to correctly assess the patient’s problem, as there are around 50 different causes of hair loss.

He said: “I believe that if Prince William came to see me now, I could offer him alternatives to boost hair growth and even reverse his hair loss – I wish he’d give me a call, but it looks like he’s going for the same look as his Uncle Edward…unfortunately.” Read more

Low Level Laser Therapy Continues to Win Support from FDA as a Hair Loss Treatment

laserFor the fifth time in three years, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has awarded clearance to another low level laser therapy (LLLT) device for the treatment of hair loss – this time with Sunetics’ Model “G” Clinical Laser System.

Nationally renowned hair loss expert Alan J. Bauman, M.D., who’s been a strong advocate of LLLT as a hair loss treatment since 1999, the most recent FDA clearance is further proof of the efficacy of low-level lasers as a hair regrowth treatment for male and female pattern hair loss.

Dr. Bauman is currently recruiting male and female hair loss patients to participate in a new laser therapy clinical trial.
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Women’s Hair Loss Seminar with Kayla Martell Hosted by IHRS


Kayla-Martell-hair-lossWhereas it’s common for men to lose their hair, women’s hair loss is far more complex and emotionally devastating.

At this seminar women can openly share their situation with other women experiencing the same challenges, and get educated on cosmetic and permanent solutions for their hairloss.

Dave Barker, sponsor and President of IHRS: “I’m proud of our beautiful facilities and our ability to help women find solutions that change their lives for better


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Los Angeles Hair Transplant Surgeon Publishes His Newest Book Modern Hair Restoration

Modern Hair Restoration CoverDoctor Parsa Mohebi, Los Angeles hair transplant surgeon, introduced his newest book “Modern Hair Restoration:

A Complete Hair Loss Guide for Men and Women” at the beginning of December.

The book introduces the newest techniques that are used in hair restoration, as well as gives information about all techniques available, treatment options, and the causes of hair loss in both men and women.
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Hair Club Thinks Outside the Drop Box to Help Children in Need This Holiday Season

christmas_boxThe countdown to Christmas has begun and with the holiday cheer in the air, Hair Club®  wants to call attention to those less fortunate.

Hair Club is continually committed to lifting spirits whether it’s by restoring looks and confidence through hair restoration or by giving back to those in need.

Hair Club feels strongly about empowering and supporting children in need. Since 1992, Hair Club For

Kids has offered free hair restoration services to children suffering from hair loss conditions.

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PAI Medical Group has started using ARTAS robotic hair transplant technology.

Artas-robotic-systemPAI Medical Group Nashville has recently acquired the latest technological advancement in hair transplant technology, the ARTAS robotic system created by Revolutionary Robotics, Inc.

This medical technology allows doctors the ability to provide more precise and visually appealing hair transplants in about half the time of all other Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) techniques.
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Brazilian Surgeon Will Broadcast 1st Live Hair Restoration Surgery to AACS Conference

TEMPUS HAIR RESTORATION DR. MARCO BARUSCOJoin Tempus Hair Restoration and Dr. Marco N. Barusco as he furthers cosmetic surgery education with a live-broadcasted hair transplant surgery during the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery’s Scientific Meeting in January.

The live broadcast will be part of the Scientific Meeting’s pre-conference sessions, on January 14.

The event is being organized by Dr. Barusco and the surgery will broadcast from Tempus Hair Restoration’s office in Port Orange, Fla., to the conference in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
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