UCSF tests cold caps to reduce hair loss during chemotherapy

hairlossBefore Deborah Cohan settled into her second round of chemotherapy, she dunked her brown ringlets in water and was fitted with a tight, silicone and neoprene cap that would cool her head to just above freezing.

“It’s like Amelia Earhart’s spa day,” she quipped, having set the mood with a music playlist that included India Arie’s “I Am Not My Hair.” Read more

uGraft Eyebrow Hair Transplant Helps Patients With Thin Eyebrows

eyebrow-transplantPatients with sparse, thin eyebrows can now achieve thick, full eyebrows with surgical eyebrow restoration using the uGraft eyebrow hair transplant technique.

Those with thin eyebrows often desire to improve their appearance by enhancing and thickening their eyebrows.  Read more

What’s Worrying Single Men This Valentine’s Day?

balding-confidenceWith Valentine’s Day around the corner once again, forums are ablaze with requests for advice on first dates and finding love.

Interestingly, one topic that comes up again and again for singletons of the male variety is, ‘Are women ok with balding guys?’

Despite massive leaps forward in science and technology over the past few decades, losing one’s hair still seems to be somewhat of an inevitability.  Read more

AK Clinics Introduces A Free Consultation Hair Analysis Session

hair lossEver wondered how a little hope can sparkle up the surrounding? Well, we understand the concerns that a person who is partially bald or is losing hair gradually, has.

Even a little hope of having healthy and fuller hair makes you travel miles.

But in most cases, the result is not as fruitful. Keeping in mind the expectations of several souls suffering from hair loss, AK Clinics started its tenure a few years back. Read more

Comb your hair the right way to beat hair loss

comb-hair-lossIf you are one of those people who just does not like combing your hair, are in a constant rush and do not take the time to comb your hair well or have curly hair and don’t want to unravel your curls?

Well, you might be doing more damage than good.

According to experts combing your hair is the simplest way to have healthy, shiny and lustrous hair.

An added benefit is that if combed the right way you can actually keep hair fall at bay.  Read more

Curry leaves or kadi patta for hair loss

hair-loss-curry-leavesHair loss is probably one of the most common worries most people have. And bad food habits, pollution and improper combing techniques only aggravate the problem.

If have had enough of all those medicines and tricks that don’t work, here is an all natural remedy for you – kadi patta or curry leaves. Read more

Worried about hair fall? Why not, try yoga?

Yoga-asanas-to-curb-hair-lossApart from consuming a protein-rich diet and going in for regular oil massage, practising yoga can go a long way in controlling hair fall.

After all, these asanas stimulate the circulation of blood to your head.

Moreover, doing simple breathing exercises not only keep your mane healthy but also oxygenate and rejuvenate your body. Read more

Broccoli sprouts may help grow hair

broccoli sproutsJapanese scientists say broccoli sprouts may hold out hope for hair loss sufferers, although those seeking a miracle cure shouldn’t head to the grocery store just yet.

A study jointly conducted by Kinki University and Hair Clinic Reve 21 Corp., a producer of hair growth products, has found that broccoli sprouts help hair growth, raising hopes for the development of new treatments.

Read more

The Importance of Looking After Your Scalp from Sun Damage

Hair-Restoration-OptionsHair restoration physician Dr Jennifer Martinick says many of the farmers and other outdoor workers she treats have encountered substantial sun damage on their scalps.

Dr Martinick, of Martinick Hair Restoration, says although these patients wear hats while working outdoors a lot of them still have sun damaged scalps.

Read more

Young Urban Celebrities Prefer The Bolton Edge Hair Transplant to Enhance Low Cut Hair Styles

hair-transplantDr. Brett Bolton, founder and medical director at Great Hair Transplants, has pioneered the Bolton Edge technique offering young urban men a hair transplant to enhance the low cut modern day hair style.

About six months ago, Dr Bolton performed a hair transplant procedure on a very famous Miami area sports star. Read more