Rogaine FAQ

Rogaine FAQ

How does Rogaine work?

Minoxidil the active ingredient of Rogaine stimulates hair growth in males & females with patterned baldness.

However, the actual reason it works is not really known.

What is Rogaine?

Rogaine is the only drug approved by the FDA for the treatment of hair loss.

Is 5% Rogaine more effective than 2% Rogaine?

Yes, 5% is more effective. Rogaine is dose-dependent. The higher the dose of Rogaine, the better the results.

Using 5% Rogaine does not give you faster results, but may cause the regrowth of more hair.

Is Topical Rogaine safe?

Topical Rogaine has an excellent safety record. The most common side effects are itching and skin irritation of the treated scalp.

Can both men and women use Rogaine?

Yes. There has been a number of studies that show Rogaine can provide significant hair growth in both men and women.

How long will a supply of Rogaine last?

Rogaine is sold in quantities based on the recommended dose that last approximately 30 days.

If increase the dosage of Rogaine that I use will it work faster?

No. Your hair will not grow any faster if you apply it more than twice a day however you may increase the risk of side effects and it just cost you more money.

For how long must I keep using Rogaine?

It is recommended that you keep using Rogaine for as long as you wish to keep your hair.

If you do stop using Rogaine, then any hair that you may have grown will most likely to revert to the previous amount of hair loss that you had.

If you have not seen results after using Rogaine after around 16 weeks then the product is probably not suitable for you and you should discontinue Rogaine.

How long does it take before Regaine starts to work?

There is no clear answer to this as the results will vary from person to person.

Clinical studies have shown that results from Rogaine can occur from as early as eight weeks however it may take up to sixteen weeks to see any results.

When starting to use Rogaine, you might notice temporary increased hair loss for the first few weeks. This is an entirely normal condition and it shows that your hair is changing from a dormant phase to a growth phase which is good news.

Do I use any special type of shampoo while using Regaine?

Not at all, however, is usually recommended that you use a mild shampoo.

Rogaine FAQ

Rogaine FAQ