Hair Loss General FAQ

hair loss general faq

What can cause hair loss

There are many factors to consider.

Heredity, age, and hormones all contribute to hair loss.

If hair follicles are sensitive to the hormone dihydrotestosterone it causes the follicles to shrink.

This shrinking will eventually over a period of time result in overall thinning.

In addition, the aging process can cause weakness of the hair follicle and thus the hair shaft. This can cause permanent thinning hair and ultimately balding.

There are several different types of patterns to this hair loss, but the most common form is male-pattern baldness (or Androgenic Alopecia). Normally men who have this form of hair loss have usually inherited it.

Men in their 50s have around a 50 percent chance of having some degree of hair loss.

Can shampooing too often cause hair loss?

No. Hair falling out in the shower is natural and shampooing will not cause hair loss.

Can stress cause hair loss?

Not directly but it can contribute to the situation. Telogen effluvium can be caused by physiological or emotional stress which can result in a change to the normal hair cycle.

What treatments stop hair loss?

Propecia the world top selling hair loss drug can help stop hair loss and has a high success rate. It should be remembered that this a drug and is only available by prescription.

Minoxidil sold as Regaine/Rogaine is also a product that actually helps to slow down the rate of hair loss. The latest Rogaine Foam is now much easier to apply and makes it much more effective.

Does wearing a hat cause hair loss?

Not at all, wearing a hat has absolutely no effect losing your hair.

How much daily hair loss is considered to be normal?

The average person will lose approximately 100 to 150 individual hairs daily which is about normal. While this number may appear to be very high, a normal head of hair is found to be around about 150,000 hairs.

Hair loss general FAQ

Hair Loss general FAQ