Nanogen Hair Thickening Fibres

Nanogen hair loss conceler

Nanogen Electrostatic Fibres can easily and instantly conceal thinning hair and exposed scalp.

Apply microscopic colour-matched fibres to your existing hair and they will bind with each individual hair strand electrostatically.

The tiny hair fibres are shaken on from the special container and instantly bind securely to your hair thus creating a convincing look of much fuller and thicker hair – even when viewed close up.

Giving a natural look, the patented technology ensures 400% stronger binding and dipolar charged fibres for optimal thickening. Safe to use on a daily basis, your hair will be instantly transformed.

Nanogen Hair Thickening Fibres






Instant hair thickening with pure keratin fibres, Nanogen Fibres give you a full head of hair instantly.

Will stay in all day through perspiration, wind, and rain.

No side effects – perfect for sensitive scalps.

Comes in ten natural colours.

Instant thicker Hair Unlike anything you have ever seen or heard of before, Patented Technology Nanogens uniques patented technologies give you: 400% stronger binding to hair and Dipolar charged fibres for optimal thickening for an astonishing transformation every time.

Patent pending Kinetic technology – metal strips in each fibre creates more 4 times more static charge than other fibre brands. This simply means that the fibres have a much stronger bond with your hair.

Dipolar charging – other brands of hair fibre are statically charged so they bind flat with your strands, these ones have a dipolar charge so they bind in a fir tree pattern creating even fuller, more natural looking thick hair.

Colour-Lock technology  – each and every fibre has a unique waterproof coating so they do not run or leak dye when wet

Easy to use and probably quicker than brushing your teeth! 30 seconds and just 3 steps: Shake, Blend and Secure.

10 Shades for any hair colour.

Designed for thinning hair – Every Nanogen product is dermatologically tested and specifically formulated to be gentle for thinning hair:

How to Use: Nanogen Fibers

Simply shake the fibres from the container, concentrating on areas of thinning.

Allow the fibres to bind to your hair.

Easily washes out.

Enough fibres for two months of use.

Get thicker, fuller hair instantly with Nanogen’s astonishing results!


Nanogen Fibres give you a full head of hair instantly.



Nanogen Hair Thickening Fibres