Fullmore Coloured Hair Thickening Spray

Fullmore thickenerFullmore Texturising Spray Thickener is a coloured hair thickener that immediately makes your thinning hair look thick and full. As a convenient aerosol spray, it may be the quickest way to conceal many forms of hair loss. Fullmore is a special blend of space-age polymers and tiny coloured fibers that bond to your own hair.

In just seconds, bald spots disappear and thin hair looks thick and full again.

After applying Fullmore, you simply apply Toppik Fibrehold spray (designed to bond fibers to your hair) or your favorite hairspray.

Once sealed, Fullmore won’t flake or come off and you can brush through it without worry.

It will not blow out in wind or run from perspiration. It stays in place until the next time you shampoo.

Fullmore is perfectly safe to use with Minoxidil and Propecia®. And if you’ve had a transplant, it’s safe to use Fullmore as soon as the grafts have fully healed.

Fullmore Coloured Hair Thickening Spray

Fullmore does not harm your hair in any way. Its space-age polymers simply attach to your existing hair. It doesn’t penetrate the hair shaft or clog your pores. Your scalp will continue to breathe and maintain its healthy growth of hair.

No matter what the condition of your hair, Fullmore will make it look thicker, fuller and better looking instantly!

Fullmore works so well because the aerosol fibres cling almost magically to your existing hair. On even the thinnest areas Fullmore clings to your finest hairs, undetectably adding thickness and colour.

No matter what type of hair you have, Fullmore will make it thicker and better looking instantly!

  • Covers bald spots and thinning areas
  • Easy application sprays on in seconds
  • Adds texture while it covers
  • Stays on until you wash it out
  • No mess, drugs or surgery

Fullmore Coloured Hair Thickening Spray

Fullmore coloured hair thickening spray

Fullmore Coloured Hair Thickening Spray