Hair Loss Concealers and Hair Loss Thickeners

Hairloss concealersHair loss concealers and hair loss thickeners can produce excellent results when applied properly. They provide a short-term solution for covering up bald spots and thinning hair quickly and easily.

Hair loss thickeners can be applied in seconds giving a great effect.

The majority of the hair loss concealers for men use micro fibres that attach by an electrostatic charge to your hair and that has the effect of increased hair volume. Thus giving the appearance of an instant head of hair.

Hair Loss Concealers and Hair Loss Thickeners

Below you will find the main brands of hair loss concealers that are available.

Bosley Hair Thickener

Bosley hair thickening fibers are a safe and effective way to eliminate the appearance of baldness and thinning hair.

COUVRe Scalp Concealing Lotion

COUVRe Scalp Concealing Lotion helps to make hair look thicker by eliminating the contrast between thin hair and the scalp.


Caboki is a highly effective way to combat hair loss for both men and women


DermMatch outperforms hair fibers, sprays, and all other hair loss concealers


Fullmore is a coloured hair loss concealer that immediately makes your thinning hair look thick and full.

Hair Cubed Hair Thickening Spray

Fibers create thicker, fuller looking hair Instantly

Mega THIK Hair Building Fibers

Mega THIK Hair Building Fibers can reduce the appearance of thinning hair in seconds

Mirage Hair Building Fibers

Mirage Hair Building Fiber is made from the same organic Keratin protein as your own naturally growing hair


Nanogen Fibres instantly creates natural looking and feeling hair density.

Super Million Hair

Super Million Hair consists of fine particles of artificial hair which are sprinkled on your natural thinning hair to give the impression of a thicker and fuller head of hair.


Toppik is made of all-natural, colored keratin protein. The static electric charge in Toppik causes the fibers to blend with your existing hair.


Viviscal Natural Hair Fibres are the latest product from Viviscal designed to disguise the problem of thinning hair.

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Nanogen hair loss concealers