Belle Moi Group Releases Innovative New Detangling Hair Brush

Belle Moi Detangling Hair Brush Bell Moi Group, a newly-established company offering hair treatment products, is introducing a new variety of detangling hair brush sometime in the middle of this month.

This product will be sold exclusively through, which is the biggest web-based retail outlet based in the United States.

Chief executive officer Sean Draper pointed out that Belle Moi is not only selling another hair detangling tool. It is also putting emphasis on customer service. “We always espouse the importance of exceptional customer service no matter how big or small the business is.

This should be the core of companies’ business models.

It is imperative to ensure customer service for prospective, new and current patrons,” Mr. Draper emphasized.

The detangling brush can be the ultimate answer for problems such as knotted hair. It is the solution for women experiencing tangled and knotted hair.

This detangling brush for Belle Moi can be a good replacement for ordinary hairbrushes that cause pulling or tearing of locks.

Sales Director Clare Markham also explained the need for women to love and take care of their hair. “The hair enhances physical appearance a great deal. It can either compliment or mess up a woman’s looks so it is crucial to take good care of sensitive tresses,” she explained.

Hair care experts warn against the use of combs or brushes with very sharp edges. Hair brushes with soft bristles cause less damage to delicate hair.

Use only a single stroke in brushing which is from the top of the head going downwards. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is also essential to hair care. Eat nourishing food, get sufficient sleep and engage in moderate exercise on a regular basis.

Rub down the scalp to promote hair growth. Limit blow drying and opt for air-drying using the fingertips. Do this for five minutes every morning and before going to sleep.

Never pull back the hair forcefully since this can bring about unwarranted hair loss.

It is not unknown to many that the energetic woman with an active lifestyle needs to take good care of her hair. Beautiful hair along with the face and impressive wardrobe constitute the total personality of the feminine gender. In fact, many women spend hours each morning to get their hair done.

The Belle Moi detangling brush comes to the rescue of beauty-conscious females who want to disentangle knots without any trouble.

Besides, this fashion accessory has been designed to work effectively both on dry and wet hair. This detangling brush is appropriate for all hair types such as straight, curly, kinky, and wavy.

It makes sure that there will be less tearing and pulling. At the same time, the Belle Moi hair care product is suitable for young girls and prevents unnecessary discomfort.

Draper said that customers of have full trust on premium hair products of the Belle Moi Group. The detangling brush comes at a special price right now and backed by one-year warranty.


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