Cayenne Pepper and Hair Loss

Cayenne pepper is originally from Cayenne which is the capital of French Guiana.

Cayenne pepper for hair loss

It is a type of chili and has been around for centuries. It is now grown in many other places around the world.

Aside from its many uses in food and drink, it has been used extensively in herbal recipes for health reasons.

It is thought that Cayenne pepper might have some in hair loss or growth.

During the early 1800s, Samuel Thompson, the founder of Herbal-Life, Referred to Cayenne pepper as the second best option to treat a lot of ailments including hair growth.

The first by the way was the emetic herb lobelia.

The main chemical compound in Cayenne pepper is Capsaicin which is thought to stimulate hair follicles and cause growth. An additional ingredient is Quercetin which is thought to help increase blood flow around the scalp

It may be useful to add this to your hair loss regime on a regular basis but it really does lack a lot of proper research into its actual effectiveness.

When using Cayenne pepper make sure you test a small area to ensure you have no allergic reactions to the mixture. Also be aware of touching sensitive parts of the body such as the eyes as it could cause severe irritation. Wash hands thoroughly after handling Cayenne pepper.

Home Remedies for Cayenne Pepper and Hair Loss

The best way to help with hair loss is to use cayenne pepper with olive oil.

Mix one tablespoon of Cayenne and add to 500 ml of olive oil.

Leave to rest for around 10 to 14 days.

Massage into scalp then shampoo hair thoroughly to remove any traces.

Use once a week.

Another treatment

Mix cayenne with coconut oil, massage into scalp and leave for around 20 minutes.

Rinse and shampoo thoroughly.

Cayenne Pepper and Hair Loss


Cayenne Pepper and hair loss