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Hair Extensions Undetectable by Sight or Touch

dream hairSevlor, Co., announced that Dream Hair Blending, EU Hair Extension and Hair Reconstruction Awards winner in 2013, has introduced to North America its undetectable and completely non-damaging hair blending extensions.

Known in Europe for their natural and undetectable hair replacement and hair extension technology “Hair Blending Enhancements & Extensions™”, the company’s R&D team is credited with creating an innovative alternative to salon, clip-in and wire hair extensions.






Founder August DiChristina explains: “We received many requests from women in America and Canada for our hair blending extensions, while they were only available in Europe.

Salon hair extension wearers are concerned about scalp and hair damage experienced with glues and bonds, and high maintenance costs. Clip in and wire extensions are less expensive options, but have obvious drawbacks. Hair blending extensions were created based on my experiences, and those of our clients.

Our technology ensures a flawless, secure fit that does not burden hair with glues, bonds, clips or wires.

Undetectable by sight or touch, women won’t suffer embarrassing noticeable sewn-wefts, bonds, tapes or clips, which are typical of other hair extensions.”

Watch the Dream Hair difference:

Klaus Miller, industry expert recommends Dream Hair Blending to salons and medical community specializing in alopecia, hair thinning, and traction alopecia resulting from hair extensions.

Miller notes a lack of will by the industry to address critical issues of hair extensions, including damage, comfort, bulk and attachments difficulties. Citing Dream Hair Blending’s technology as “impressive,” he describes their approach as “out of the box,” focused on the user’s perspective instead of traditional cheap, fast, and high profit manufacturing, which dominates the industry.

About Dream Hair Blending:

In 2007, Dream Hair Blending began offering their wig alternative, Hair Blending Enhancements. Through on-going R&D, the company has helped women worldwide with hair loss issues and lack of length or volume.

Hair Blending Extensions™ offers daily wear or semi-permanent options and styling versatility, including up-do’s and high ponytails. Available in several colors and densities, the company’s proprietary design ensures easy blending with wearer’s own hair.


Valentine’s Day Skincare Gifts for Men

hair loss Valentine’s Day is just a few days away, and women are likely contemplating what to get their boyfriends and husbands for Valentine’s Day.

Forget the chocolates; this year, get something that a man can use.

While most men wouldn’t think to buy themselves luxurious skincare gifts, these are things that men can definitely incorporate into their daily regimen.




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Hairline International Offers Free Pick up and Drop for Customers Till Mar 31, 2015

hairline-international-hair-clinicBangalore-based Hairline International Hair and Skin Clinic have announced an irresistible offer. Customers within 8-km radius would now be eligible for free pick up and drop for treatments at their Whitefield clinic.


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DS Healthcare to enter 320 locations at 18/8 Fine Mens Salon franchise

hair loss clinicDS Healthcare Group, Inc. (DSKX), a leading developer of personal care products, today announced it has entered into an agreement to begin supplying 18/8 Fine Men’s Salons nationwide. 18/8, who’s name is derived from the original formula for stainless steel (18/8% chromium + 8% nickel added to iron), as a metaphor for “Transformation”…



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Researchers in India Identify Yeast that Causes Dandruff

Dandruff CureResearchers at the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research (PGI) in India have identified a type of yeast that develops on oily skin and is responsible for severe dandruff.

These researchers at PGI’s Department of Medical Microbiology aim to find a cure for dandruff, a scalp condition that has no permanent cure to date.





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Strengthful Hair Growth Shampoo And Conditioner Now Available On Amazon

Strengthful Hair Growth Shampoo And Conditioner Now Available On AmazonClearwater, Florida — Strengthful shampoo and conditioner have certainly hit the market with some presence, getting mentioned by hair stylists as a very useful tool in hair growth and preventing hair loss, has now conveniently released on Amazon.

Amazon being one of the worlds largest online retailers, is a very convenient place to shop. With the one click option, this product has just hit the Amazon market and become easy to purchase.




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du Brule Hair Clinic is the Exclusive Calgary Provider of BIOLON

du Brule Hair Clinic is the Exclusive Calgary Provider of BIOLONBIOLON is the bio-identical man-made product that simulates real human hair. Similar in density (thickness of the hair) to real human hair, BIOLON has the weight and pliability that perfectly simulates all characteristics of natural hair.

The fiber can be curled and styled into almost any type of desired look, resulting in a completely natural appearance.





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Keranique Hair Care Offering Hair Loss Solution Containing Minoxidil

hair lossKeranique hair care has been generating curiosity, and one of the chief reasons is the solution to regrow female hair, which contains Minoxidil.

Since Minoxidil is an FDA approved ingredient, the product has been rated as effective, and women are also trying out the other products offered by this brand, to rejuvenate hair and treat female hair loss.






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Scalp Scrubber Cleans Scalps Despite Hair Extensions

InventHelp® Client Invention Ensures Attractive Hair Appearance (CBS-231)An inventor from Los Angeles, Calif., is part owner of a hair extensions company, so she designed a device that makes scalp-cleaning easier for hairstylists and people with extensions.

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InventHelp Client Invention Ensures Attractive Hair Appearance

InventHelp® Client Invention Ensures Attractive Hair Appearance (CBS-231)After talking to a cancer patient who said that she doesn’t like wearing full wigs because they make her head too hot, and after observing women wearing scarves on their heads, an inventor from Dolton, Ill., decided that there needed to be a better alternative to wigs and other head coverings.

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