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Dermatologicals in the Philippines

hair loss research Growth in dermatologicals remained slow in 2014, with sales inching up by 2%.

This sluggish performance was partly due to the contraction of a number of categories, including antipruritics and haemorrhoid treatments.

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Dermatologicals in Belarus

hair loss research With the further penetration of Western cultural values, Belarusian consumers in 2014 continued to pay more attention to their appearance.

This is translating into increasing spending on treatments which allow them to solve problems which were previously ignored.

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Dollar Beard Club, Launches a Monthly Membership of Grooming Products

Dollar Beard Club, Launches a Monthly Membership of Grooming Products Dollar Beard Club ships high-quality, beard cleaning and styling products to manly members on a monthly subscription basis.

Dollar Beard Club members can select products individually, or make their own kit of items that they would like to receive.

To begin a monthly subscription or create a kit, members follow three easy steps on the Dollar Beard Club website.


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Dermatologicals in Australia

hair loss research Dermatologicals increased by 6% in current value terms in 2014, to reach AUD240 million.

The main driver of growth within dermatologicals was the population growth of both babies and elderly people.

Both children and the elderly have sensitive skin, leading to higher likelihood of skin allergies and conditions.

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Hair Care in Slovakia

hair loss research Hair care did not continue with the strong current value sales growth which had been seen since 2011. Whilst Slovaks were interested in hair care products with added benefits and revitalising effects for their hair, their interest in standard products, such as styling agents or perms and relaxants, declined.

Therefore, hair care saw a marginal value sales increase in 2014.

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Hair Care in Costa Rica

hair loss research Innovation was again the most important driver of growth in hair care in 2014. New brands and products emerged, and the majority of them featured advanced technology and segmented solutions (according to hair type, specific needs and combined benefits), especially in hair loss treatments and styling agents.


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Experts Reveal Fish Oil May Have Several Beauty Benefits

fish-oil-omega3 hair lossFish oil is popularized by the healthy benefits it offers. Many people from around the globe are using the natural ingredient for various health purposes, such as for disease prevention. However, it seems that fish oil is also an excellent alternative for individuals who want to improve their appearance.

Fish oil is believed to have several beauty benefits. According to some experts, the omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil can potentially have a positive effect on the health and appearance of the hair, skin and nails.


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Dr Reddys launches hair growth supplement

HAiROOTZ provides key nutrients needed for maintaining healthy hairPharma major Dr Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd has launched HAiROOTZ, the first hair growth supplement to be marketed in India as over-the-counter (OTC) by the company.

The product comes from the same branch of business that markets Mintop, the leading dermatologist recommended brand, the Hyderabad-based company said in a release issued here on Friday.



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Hair Care in Georgia

hair loss research The dominant category in hair care is standard shampoo. In 2014 sales shampoo accounted for 64% of total hair care sales amounting to GEL56 million, with current value sales up by 4% over the previous year.

Colourants is other large category with 15% of value sales, reaching GEL13 million. 2-in-1 products remain popular amongst saver buyers; value sales of the category accounted for 9%, gaining GEL8 million.

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Nutrafol Gets to the Root of Hair Health with Product Introduction

hair lossNutraceutical Wellness, LLC, announced today the official launch of the company, a first of its kind wellness brand dedicated completely to helping consumers achieve healthy hair, using clinically proven ingredients.

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