Best Hair Line Introduces Its Newest Website for Scalp MicroPigmentation

SMP Before and AfterDoctor Parsa Mohebi introduced his newest website,, for Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP). The website offers information and services to help users schedule an SMP session at one of Dr. Mohebi’s Los Angeles Clinics.

The website features before and after photos, the latest news about SMP from the industry’s top practitioner, and directions to the nearest facility.
Scalp MicroPigmentation or SMP is a new non-surgical cosmetic procedure that helps improve the patient’s appearance by concealing scars and areas of balding or thinning. Dr. Mohebi described how SMP works: “This procedure utilizes dermal pigments which have been carefully matched to the patient’s hair color. These pigments are introduced superficially to the patients scalp, penetrating up to 1mm into the superficial layers of skin. Although, this procedure is successful, it is not permanent and touch-ups will be required, varying among each patient.”

The SMP website discusses who can benefit from this procedure. According to Dr. Mohebi, the best candidates for this procedure are those who have Male Patterned Baldness, Female Patterned Baldness, scalp scars, or post hair transplant patients.

People who had extensive scarring on their scalp or the hair bearing areas of their face such as the beard and mustache, can benefit from this procedure as well. Many women with extensive hair loss, who do not have adequate donor hair to create the appearance of a full head of hair are good candidates for this procedure.

Dr. Mohebi discussed his hopes for his website, “SMP is a new cosmetic procedure being offered that many individuals are still unaware of. We are hoping that will educate patients about this new, life changing option that is now available to them. Toppik and other microfiber products have been offered for years in order to camouflage the look of baldness.

The problem with Toppik is that it has to be used on a daily basis in order to achieve desired results. SMP on the other hand yields lasting results with just a few short sessions.”

Dr. Mohebi went on to explain how many sessions can be expected in order to achieve the desired results, “SMP is usually performed in three sessions in order to eliminate the look of baldness and to create perfect coverage.”

About Best Hair Line

Best Hair Line was founded by Dr. Parsa Mohebi in 2013. Best Hair Line features before and after photos, information regarding Scalp MicroPigmentation which includes a news section, and a map of Best Hair Line offices. The overall goal of Best Hair Line is to provide patients with the newest information about the SMP procedure and offer a way to conveniently provide our services.