Being bald does not have to be all about bad news, good things can happen if you become bald.


Baldness is good -Infographics - Bald newsSave a Load of Money

If you are bald and shave your head then you will save money on shampoos, conditioners and hair loss products like Propecia and Regaine.

No hair gels to buy, no combs or brushes required.

Stuff the barber or hairdresser who needs them. The saving you will make on these trips alone will give you lots more spending money in your back pocket.

More Free Time

You can be in and out of the shower faster than a speeding bullet because you do not have to wash your hair but you will be streamlined with your bald pate.

No time wasted drying your hair.

No more staring at the mirror trying to get the perfect hairstyle.

Just wash your face and Go.

No to comb but, on the downside, you will seem to have a bit more face to wash.


No having to buy anti-dandruff shampoos.

No more standing under the disco lights madly brushing the pesky white flakes from your shoulders.

Problems like seborrhoea dermatitis will also clear up in an instant.

Women love it

You will be a big hit with the Ladieeees

At least that’s what they say, bald men are sexy they claim and then mention Sean Connery, who virtually wear a wig in every movie he is in, and like his accent it never seems to change !!

The Ladieeees will want to rub your bald scalp for good luck, at least that what they will say they are doing!

Get better at Sports

You will be so much more streamlined and super aerodynamic.

Shave your legs and arms also for maximum new look glidiness.

Swimmer, cyclist, runner or rower you will be the star of the show with your new found sleek look.


Being bald does not have to be about bad news, good things can happen if you become bald.

Baldness can be good for you.