Seeking alternative hair loss or baldness solutions?

Instead of spending a fortune on hair loss products or some dubious treatments how about one of these hilarious solutions to your balding head.


An unusual but cheap solution to the follicly challenged.

A set of temporary tattoos that add a splash of class! To your head.

tattoos for baldness

Magically beautiful women will suddenly be all over you like a moth to a flame. It’s a scientific fact that women love the tattoos.

A wide variety of creative options is available, from the classic toupees to bullseyes targets and several thought bubbles, in this set of 35 ingenious tattoos.

These wonderful tattoupees come complete in their own individual tin presentation box.

Balding Golf Visors

Sampson reckoned that his hair loss was the reason for his loss of strength so if you’re a golfer and think your handicap is dropping because you are going bald then fear not.

These visor wigs will soon make you the envy of your friends and have your handicap falling again as you stroll around the golf course with these beautiful visors.

golf caps to beat baldness

No more embarrassing hat hair when you finish your round, you will end up looking as fresh as you did when you started.

The Hair Visor is a sports cap that is topped off with a full head of comical fake hair. It may not fool anyone, but you’ll be the life and soul of the party wherever you go.

Want a good-looking, comfortable hat? This one’s for you.

The hair visor is guaranteed to look like the real thing whatever that may be.

The Original  Hair Visor makes a striking accessory to any outlandish golf outfit.

Baseball Caps

These rather fetching baseball caps lets everyone know what you think about your hair loss or baldness spot.

People will love them as gifts, the perfect secret Santa present,

wish you were hair

Seeking alternative hair loss or baldness solutions?