SGF-57 Brings s Significant Breakthrough in Treating Alopecia

SGF-57 Alopecia treatmentAlopecia is one of the most common conditions to affect and even bother young people, though people of any age can be affected.

People now seem to feel rather comfortable with a treatment solution delivered by a cosmeceutical company, AESMED Co., Ltd. which specializes in developing cosmetics and medical devices in Korea.




AESMED’s Systematic Growth factors-57 (SGF-57), the most effective hair loss treatment solution, is well known as Cytokines therapy due to its main ingredients consisting of both cytokine and growth factors to control hair cell activation.

Cytokine is proven by many medical journals to differentiate and proliferate hair cells, and control hair growth cycle.

Cytokine and growth factors of SGF-57 consist of ingredients including Noggin, KGF, SCF, IGF-1, VEGF, bFGF and rh-SOD blended well to the consistency of optimized density for regulating hair loss and improving hair growth.

Since its release of world’ first hair loss treatment by using growth factors in 2008, SGF-57 has been used in ten university hospitals equipped with hair loss treatment centers, dermatology and cosmetic surgery clinics for alopecia patients in Korea.

In more than 600,000 cases for performing alopecia treatment, SGF-57 has been proven to show its outstanding effectiveness and safety without any side effects until now.

Compared to current alopecia treatments such as Finasteride and Dutasteride in a drug type used for male, and Minoxidil in a topical type for both male and female, SGF-57 available for both male and female is becoming much more effective treatment free from side effects widely arisen in the three treatments.

SGF-57 effectiveness for alopecia treatment was published in prominent journals classified as SCI level to address clinical study of SGF-57 for female alopecia treatment in the title, ‘Effects of topical application of growth factors followed by microneedle therapy in women with female pattern hair loss: A pilot study’.

“This clinical study is worth of notice for the world’s first paper in the SCI-leveled journal which verifies clinical effectiveness for alopecia treatment by cosmetics rather than medicines,” says Joe, CEO of AESMED.

In addition, the effectiveness of SGF-57 for male alopecia treatment was introduced in the World Congress for Hair Research, 2013 and 2014 in the titles, ‘Systematic Growth factor treatment on the patients with Androgenetic Alopecia’ and ‘Comparison of therapeutic effect of systematic growth factors microneedle treatment in the patients with male pattern hair loss by varying depth of absorption’, respectively.

About Company

AESMED is an innovative cosmeceutical company who specializes in design and development of cosmetics and medical devices in South Korea, manufacturing and providing beauty products to departments of dermatology and cosmetic surgery, and university hospitals since 2007.

In association with universities, clinical centers and institutions, AESMED has developed verified and proven cosmeceutical products including SGF-57 for alopecia treatment based on its own advanced technologies while its aiming to introduce and expand its proven products into global market as well as putting more investments into R&D.

The company is seeking distributors worldwide for establishing global distribution channels.

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