Who We Are?

My name is William Mercer, and I am a former hair transplant clinic owner.

As a clinic owner, I was all too aware of the stress and trauma that hair loss and balding can cause.

With over twenty year’s involvement with the hair loss industry, I am dedicated to delivering all the latest hair loss news from around the world.

Having experienced the lack of knowledge that was available at the time, I decided to research the products and treatments that work.

With so many crank cures and snake oil salespeople on the web, I help people make an informed choice with any treatment that they may undertake.

Online Hair Clinic information is provided for general information only, and should never be thought as a substitute for medical advice from your doctor or other health professionals.

While I believe that all the information found here is accurate, mistakes can happen, please never rely on the Internet as your sole source of information.

Mission Statement

Online hair clinic was founded with one objective – To Provide high-quality hair loss advice for Men and Women.

Online hair clinic is dedicated to educating and hopefully improving the lives of men and women who are affected by hair loss.

Provide information about hair loss products and treatments without trying to force people to buy them.

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