Top Selling Hair Loss Laser Combs

Top Selling Hair Loss Laser Combs

Laser comb work by emitting low power laser beams onto the scalp.

Many combs have multiple laser beams.

The scalp is exposed to the beams which help to promote hair growth.

Studies have shown that increasing the activity of a molecule called adenosine triphoshate may help to promote hair growth.

Hairmax Lasercomb 12

top selling hair loss laser combsHairMax laser comb – laser phototherapy to treat hair loss and stimulate hair growth
Energizes weakened hair follicles – Awakens dormant hair follicles
Increases growth factors for more oxygen and nutrients to your hair follicles
Reverses hair’s thinning process – Restores hairs natural growth cycle
Stimulates hair to grow fuller, denser and stronger

Design by Pininfarina
12 Medical Grade Lasers
8 Minute Treatment time
Designed for targeted treatment or full scalp coverage
Lighted timer display panel
Exclusive hair parting teeth
Cordless & Lightweight
The Ultima 12 LaserComb delivers therapeutic light energy to your hair follicles through 12 medical-grade lasers

Working through the process of photobiostimulation, the Ultima 12 LaserComb stimulates hair follicles at a cellular level to promote hair growth, reverse hair thinning, restore your hair’s natural growth cycle and help regrow denser, fuller hair!

Use the Ultima 12 to target thinning areas or for full scalp coverage.

NutraStim Professional Hair Growth Laser Comb

NutraStim Professional Hair Growth Laser Comb

Simple. Safe. Effective. Each FDA-cleared comb uses with 12 cutting-edge low-level lasers to stimulate the scalp and help regrow hair from the roots out.

Home Use Medical Device for treating hair loss and thinning hair for both women & men. The NutraStim Laser Comb is clinically proven effective by medical professionals on hair loss patients. The laser hair comb helps to stimulate hair follicles using FDA Cleared laser technology.

Simple, Easy & Safe treatment, requiring the comb to be used 3 times a week for 8 minutes. Users can expect to see visible improvement as early as 4 months and full results in 6 months.

This low-level, 12-laser therapy stimulates hair follicles and boosts energy to combat baldness and thinning hair. This product gives confidence to women & men alike by restoring their hair to its natural, fuller glory.

This affordable comb is cordless and comes with a charging base, a universal AC adapter, an instruction manual, and a warranty card. Since it’s a one-time purchase, you can reuse it for periodic hair regrowth sessions. It’s also designed and assembled in the USA.

Hairmax Prima 9 Lasercomb

hair max lasercomb 9

Hairmax Prima 9 Lasercomb

Clinically Proven Hair Growth Laser Device. FDA Cleared for Men & Women.

The Prima 9 LaserComb delivers therapeutic light energy to your hair follicles through 9 medical-grade lasers (No LEDs).

HairMax laser light treatments revitalise and enliven your hair follicles to stimulate growth factors, reverse the thinning process and help extend and restore your hair’s natural hair growth cycle. This device incorporates patented hair parting teeth to part your hair for maximum laser light delivery to your follicles for a highly effective treatment.

Use the Prima 9 LaserComb just 11 minutes, 3 days a week and you can experience new hair growth with increased density, fullness and vibrancy!

Prima 9 LaserComb Includes:

HairMax Prima 9 LaserComb
Rechargeable Battery
Power Cord
User Manual – Quick Start Guide
2 Year Laser Device Warranty


Top Selling Hair Loss Laser Combs


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