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More Than 700 Propecia Lawsuits Sit in Propecia MDL

Propecia for hair lossMore than 700 Propecia lawsuits currently sit in a Propecia MDL for pretrial proceedings, according to documents from the US Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation.

The lawsuits allege men suffered serious Propecia side effects, including sexual dysfunction.

These reported Propecia side effects in men are also allegedly longer lasting than some plaintiffs say they were led to believe.




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InventHelp Client Invention Ensures Attractive Hair Appearance

InventHelp® Client Invention Ensures Attractive Hair Appearance (CBS-231)After talking to a cancer patient who said that she doesn’t like wearing full wigs because they make her head too hot, and after observing women wearing scarves on their heads, an inventor from Dolton, Ill., decided that there needed to be a better alternative to wigs and other head coverings.

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Add your voice to survey on hair loss

Alopecia surveyWhat aspects of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of hair loss need to improve is the focus of a survey by The Hair Loss Priority Setting Partnership (PSP).

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AK Clinics Introduces A Free Consultation Hair Analysis Session

hair lossEver wondered how a little hope can sparkle up the surrounding? Well, we understand the concerns that a person who is partially bald or is losing hair gradually, has.

Even a little hope of having healthy and fuller hair makes you travel miles.

But in most cases, the result is not as fruitful. Keeping in mind the expectations of several souls suffering from hair loss, AK Clinics started its tenure a few years back. Read more