Amazing Therapies for Hair Loss

Amazing Therapies for Hair Loss

Amazing Therapies for Hair Loss

Huge Transformation as to How we treat Hair Loss. World Conference in Washington D.C.

Hair loss treatments are a major industry, worldwide.

With a strong focus on looks and looking youthful, this generation is prepared to spend whatever it takes to get results. And it is women who are experiencing the biggest increase in hair loss. And also suffer major psychological problems.

David Salinger, Director of the International Association of Trichologists, says “The emphasis is shifting to preventing hair loss in the first place by such means as reducing the white blood cells attacking the hair, that cause inflammation, and reducing the androgens affecting the hair.

There is a huge transformation occurring as to how we now treat hair loss.”

With this in mind, more trichologists than ever before, from 14 countries, will be getting together in Washington D.C. on June 25th and 26th for the World Trichology Conference (see

Top lecturers from the USA, Canada, Brazil, India, and Australia will discuss the latest developments when it comes to hair loss as well as the psychological aspects; of particular relevance are the messenger proteins, growth factors, prostaglandins etc. that can either increase or decrease hair loss.

The exchange of theories, new discoveries, evolving medical advances, among Trichology practitioners and researchers, leads to improved hair loss and scalp care, and substantial patient outcomes.

We continue to see the growing influence of Trichology reach beyond individuals, organizations, industries, countries, regions and the influence Trichologists have today is broader than in any other time in history.

Our 2018 conference offers unparalleled access to important medical innovations, exceptional academic instruction, and published research data for Trichologists, Cosmetologists, Beauty Professionals, Hair Replacement Specialists, Hair Loss Professionals, Physicians, Nurses, Cancer Prosthesis Specialists, Hair Restoration Specialists, and Medical Professionals.

And new products, including nutritional supplements, will be discussed that are exploiting these factors.

Huge Transformation as to How we treat Hair Loss – Amazing Therapies for Hair Loss


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