Propecia Really Screwed Me Up

propecia impotenceIt’s not easy for a man to talk about his sexual problems, but many men who have taken Propecia are so furious with the manufacturer that they welcome this opportunity to warn others about Propecia long-term side effects, such as erectile dysfunction, which can also lead to severe depression, as it did in Paul’s case.



“Propecia Really Screwed Me Up”“I was losing my hair so my doctor recommended that I take Propecia,” says Paul (not his real name). Just about one month after taking this hair loss medication I felt some effects, but they weren’t the changes I wanted.”

Paul, age 38, had started a relationship around the same time that the Propecia sexual dysfunction effects began kicking in. “I started seeing this great girl and there was no reason I should have had any problems with arousal; there was a big problem in that regard,” says Paul.

Unfortunately, their relationship ended, which caused Paul to sink into depression: he had never before experienced any mental health issues.

“I read on the Propecia label that erectile dysfunction is a temporary side effect but it didn’t go away. And my hair didn’t come back either,” adds Paul.

“I read about these idiotic studies with placebo groups and focus groups that said the side effects would go away. What a lie.”

Paul believes these so-called studies and focus groups have been part of [Merck’s] selling and marketing tactics.

Paul took Propecia for almost a year until he read online that the side effects were long-lasting and that Propecia lawsuits had been filed by men who claimed permanent Propecia impotence. “I am gradually getting better and my new girlfriend is understanding,”

Paul explains, “but my libido went from 100 percent to zero because of this drug and no wonder it causes depression. I want to file a lawsuit against Merck because they really screwed me up.”

Paul says that an attorney called him yesterday and he is hopeful Merck will compensate him for almost ruining his life. He certainly isn’t the only man who has linked depression with the hair loss drug.

A wrongful death lawsuit has also been filed against the drugmaker: John’s family blames his suicide on Propecia dysfunction.