FDA Approved Minoxidil gets a New BOOST to Re-Grow Hair

Over 80 million men and women deal with hair loss in America*. The FDA approved hair loss drug Minoxidil can now get a boost from a new hair loss product called MinoxiBoost says Scott Cirillo, the owner of Binc Pharmaceuticals.

The FDA approved drug Minoxidil plays a major role in over-the-counter hair loss products for both men and women but does Minoxidil give you all the hair it can? Mr. Cirillo says, “It dosn’t, but  it can, if it gets a chance to get to the root of the problem… literally.”

The male hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone) and a waxy substance called sebum are primarily responsible for buildup around the hair follicles which are major contributors for baldness. MinoxiBoost removes the sebum allowing Minoxidil to penetrate deeper optimizing thicker hair and re-growth.

To learn more about MinoxiBoost products go to www.MinoxiBoost.com .