Capillus, LLC Extends Laser Hair Therapy Products to Europe and Asia

Capillus-LLLT-Device-Hair-Regrowth-Receives-FDA-Clearance Capillus, LLC announces plans to expand laser therapy cap distribution and physician network in Europe and Asia. The Miami-based medical device manufacturer and marketing company has appointed Fernando Bermúdez, former Business Development Director of Svenson Group Europe, as Division Director.

An industry veteran, Mr. Bermúdez’s professional achievements include increasing the number of Svenson centers by 75% in Spain, while also penetrating the Portuguese marketplace with centers in Lisbon and Porto.

Mr. Bermúdez will oversee the growth and development of both Asian and European markets, with the exception of Spain, Germany, Portugal, and Switzerland, where Capillus already has an established presence through a relationship with Svenson.

“After 12 years in the hair loss industry I am honored to contribute to the expansion of Capillus in Europe,” reports Mr. Bermúdez. “I am excited to introduce Capillus products to new European and Asian markets, bringing this safe, effective, and hassle-free tool, that I consider the best in the market, to help ease the problem of many people suffering from hair loss.”

Capillus products harness the power of low-level laser therapy (LLLT), a technology that physicians have been using since the 1960s to treat many health conditions ranging from arthritis to inflammation and chronic pain.

Today, LLLT is used to treat androgenic alopecia, or hair loss, a condition that adversely affects the lives of millions of men and women worldwide.

Capillus excels where other hair loss treatments fall short, giving patients a simple option that is safe, proven, and effective. Since 1968, at least 54 studies have linked the use of LLLT products with increased hair growth.

Perhaps most noteworthy is an April 2014 study that demonstrated the ability of LLLT products to induce hair growth at up to 20 new hairs per squared centimeter of scalp. Most recently, Capillus272Pro™ received FDA clearance for adults with androgenic alopecia (AGA). In an independently reviewed clinical study, Capillus showed an increase of 51% in hair counts of study participants.

In an effort to make hair loss treatment easier and more affordable than ever, Capillus also announces the launch of a new patient program that includes the Capillus272Pro™ laser therapy cap along with Capillus Clinical Hair Therapy Products, all for one low monthly membership fee.

Physicians and patients are invited to log on to to learn more about treating hair loss with laser therapy, or call 1-888-272-9599 to speak with a company representative.