Top 5 Hairloss Forums Now Recommend Dr Bhatti For Hair Transplant

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Dr Tejinder Bhatti is the first doctor other than from Europe and USA to be recommended on all the TOP 5 hair loss forums.

These forums are ethical discussion groups and blog sites where the hair loss world discusses the best surgeons, effective hair loss and hair transplant treatments, ethical management of balding and male pattern baldness, and medical treatments for hair loss.


The world’s Top Hair Loss Forums are:

1. Hair Transplant Network

2. International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeon

3. American Hair Loss Association

4. Hairsite

5. Spexhair

Dr Tejinder Bhatti was one of the world’s first doctors to realise the great potential a minimally invasive hair transplant procedure using state of the art FUE technique carries. Dr Bhatti exclusively started doing FUE procedures at his large North Indian Clinic in Chandigarh in 2009.

In a time when FUE evinced a sceptical reaction in the international community, only encouraged by his own consistent results using this path breaking technique, he did one of the largest FUE series in the world third only to Dr Feriduni of Belgium and Dr Lorenzo of Spain.

Due to Dr Bhatti’s 15 year long experience in the surgical hair restoration field, the large volume of his FUE cases done personally, and the skills so garnered, Darling Buds Hair Transplant Clinic in Chandigarh, India reproduces enviable hair transplant results case after case.

With a large number of happy clients spread over 53 countries world-wide, the Clinic now gets new cases through word-of-mouth advertisement only.

Now widely regarded as the foremost hair transplant doctor in India in particular and Asia in general, Dr Tejinder Bhatti’s Darling Buds Hair Transplant Center is respected by the hair transplant community (doctors and patients alike) as one of the leading FUE hair transplant practices in the World.

About Dr Tejinder Bhatti
Dr Tejinder Bhatti is a leading plastic surgeon dedicated to improving your quality of life through advanced FUE hair transplant techniques

assisted by his aesthetic judgement borne out of years of experience and training. Dr. Bhatti has trained over 200 doctors from all over the world in state of the art motorised FUE hair transplant technique For more information, please visit