FUE hair transplant

Rising Demand of FUE Hair Transplant with PRP Therapy

FlyHealth Launches FUE Hair Transplant Surgery Package with PRP Treatment for International Patients

Now that thousands of people are having hair transplant surgery, FlyHealth reports that FUE hair transplant surgery alone is not enough to achieve the best outcome; therefore, they have launched a new FUE hair transplant package which includes platelet-rich plasma treatment, shortly known as PRP, to facilitate faster hair growth and quicker recovery.

Hair loss affects people suffering from it significantly. Hair loss causes not only emotional problems but also psychological problems which result in the loss of self-confidence.

It may even bring about a severe depression in some cases.

That is why increasing number of people are undergoing hair transplants each year.

Due to the high costs of hair transplantation elsewhere, Turkey has become a popular destination for international hair transplant patients thanks to the lower costs and eminent surgeons.

FlyHealth, a well-known medical travel facilitator in Europe, has been assisting patients with their medical travel to Turkey.

A new hair transplant package of FlyHealth ensures that patients have comfortable and trustworthy experiences. The package includes FUE hair transplant procedure with unlimited grafts, PRP treatment, medications, hotel accommodation and free city tour.

FlyHealth’s hair transplant surgeon stated:

“The success of FUE hair transplant depends on the ability to keep hair follicles healthy after the extraction so that they can be transplanted successfully without any loss of grafts.

That is why, PRP treatment is of absolute importance since it increases the durability of hair follicles after extraction and makes them stronger.

Modern hair transplant methods should definitely include PRP treatment alongside FUE but unfortunately many clinics do not offer PRP since it may be time consuming and financially demanding.

We differentiate ourselves from the others by offering the best possible treatment for our international patients. Therefore, we always perform PRP treatment as well”

Having successfully treated hundreds of British and Dutch patients so far, FlyHealth aims to expand its network into other countries in Europe and tap into the Middle East market in the coming months.

FlyHealth’s Case Manager, Ozge Kaymak indicated that: “Most of the patients emphasize that they want all the extracted grafts to be used during the process without any loss of grafts and they want a quick recovery. This is only possible with PRP treatment.

For that reason, we have decided to offer our hair transplant patients the essential PRP treatment as well for the best surgical outcome.”

About FlyHealth

Registered with the Companies House in the Netherlands (Registration No:62557750), FlyHealth is a leading medical travel company offering top quality service for international patients travelling to Turkey.

FlyHealth only works with internationally recognized, top notch hospitals.