New England Defensive End Rob Ninkovich Joins the Lineup at Leonard Hair Transplant Associates

hair transplantDr. Robert Leonard, chief surgeon and founder of Leonard Hair Transplant Associates (LHTA), is pleased to announce that professional football player Rob Ninkovich is a current patient and has endorsed the practice.

Ninkovich joins fellow professional football player Wes Welker in endorsing Dr. Leonard for his hair-restoration expertise.

To date, Ninkovich and Welker are the only active professional athletes in the U.S. who have endorsed a hair-restoration surgeon, and both have chosen Dr. Leonard to address their hair-loss needs.

Ninkovich first noticed that his hair was thinning when he was in his early 20s and became increasingly concerned as his professional sports career began to flourish. When he discovered that former teammate, Wes Welker, was a Leonard Hair Transplant Associates patient, he made an appointment.

“Acknowledging that you’re losing your hair is not easy,” said Ninkovich. “I thought my situation was probably inevitable because I have hair loss on both sides of my family, but I really wanted to take that first step to understand my options,” continued Ninkovich.

“After I heard that Wes was a patient of Dr. Leonard’s, I made the call right away. Now, I know that this condition affects millions of people and it is nothing to be ashamed of.”

Ninkovich went to see Dr. Leonard in July 2013 and after a consultation and review of his problem areas, Dr. Leonard recommended non-surgical options to slow down the progression of his hair loss.

“Rob has hair loss in the front of his head along his hairline, as well as a thinning crown,” said Dr. Leonard. “Because he is such a young guy, the best course of treatment is to stabilize any further progression. The best outcome for patients with hair loss is achieved when they seek professional help sooner rather than later.”

Dr. Leonard offers a variety of non-surgical treatment options including: Rogaine®; the Capillus272™, a portable, non-surgical option to strengthen hair, slow down progression, and promote regrowth from home.

It fits discreetly into a baseball cap. When used 30 minutes every other day, it is one of the most effective low-level laser treatments available.

“Dr. Leonard has helped me to understand that my hair loss is very common and is completely treatable. I have a high level of comfort with him and my hope is that through endorsing him, more people will take that first step forward to address their own hair-loss issues,” continued Ninkovich.

With 28 years of experience in cosmetic surgery, Dr. Robert Leonard serves as New England’s foremost authority on hair restoration, providing a much needed expertise in treating individuals concerned about their thinning hair or baldness. LHTA has offices in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.

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