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NeoGraft Announces Launch of New Corporate Identity and Brand

NeoGraft® Announces Launch of New Corporate Identity and Brand

NeoGraft a world leader in hair replacement technology, is pleased to announce the launch of its new corporate identity and brand.

NeoGraft’s new corporate brand and logo reflect both the evolution of the company and its vision for the future.

The new logo embraces a modern, simple aesthetic while also paying tribute to the company’s rich heritage with an updated take on its iconic orange color palate.

“The purpose of our rebranding strategy is to make sure NeoGraft evolves with the marketplace while honoring the essence of our brand.

In everything we do, we stay true to our principles of connecting with our providers and patients who have helped build and define our brand in the marketplace,” said Glenn Normoyle, President of NeoGraft.

The new logo and corporate identity coincide with the launch of NeoGraft’s newest national campaign: “I Can…” The new campaign empowers those who suffer from hair loss to find a minimally invasive solution to renew personal confidence.

“NeoGraft is a positive force in our industry and this campaign is specifically designed to speak to men and women who have always wanted to do something about their hair loss,” continued Mr. Normoyle.

NeoGraft’s new brand and corporate identity was done in partnership with Verasoni Worldwide, a Montclair, NJ-based marketing and public relations strategy firm.

“Simplicity is best, and the new corporate identity will allow NeoGraft to scale easily as the company looks to grow. It’s about making real connections with people at the most intrinsic level, and that was our approach,” said Abe Kasbo, CEO of Verasoni Worldwide.

“The ‘I Can…’ campaign is also based on similar principles as the corporate identity strategy, and is a natural and very personal extension of the essence of the NeoGraft brand and what it stands for,” continued Mr. Kasbo.

The new corporate identity can be found on the new NeoGraft website and all of its social media properties. To learn more, visit neograft.com.

About NeoGraft®

NeoGraft is and always will be about the lifestyle, wellness and image of the patient. Its revolutionary technology is used by leading and qualified doctors to help people transform their lives.

NeoGraft’s patented Automated Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Implantation Hair Transplant System allows people to restore their hair quickly, without invasive surgery and no linear scaring. To learn more visit NeoGraft.com