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Hair Transplant Surgeon Announces First Open House Event Of 2016

hair restorationBeverly Hills Hair Transplant Surgeon Announces First Open House Event Of 2016

Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration is kicking off 2016 with the first of their ongoing series of Open House events.

The rapid changes in the hair restoration field have led Dr. Parsa Mohebi to begin a series of Open House events at his medical practice to educate potential patients interested in having a hair restoration procedure.

Dr. Mohebi originally held an Open House in October as a one-time event.

However, the demand for information from patients wanting to learn more about hair transplants has warranted an ongoing series of events at Dr. Mohebi’s state of the art offices in Encino, California.

Patients who want to learn more about hair transplants can enjoy an up close and personal look during the Open House.

Patients will be able to watch a live hair transplant while also enjoying the opportunity to ask any questions they want answered by the doctor as well as some of his previous patients.

According to Dr. Mohebi, one of the main reasons behind the creation of his Open House series is to show patients just how much hair transplant procedures have grown and advanced over the past few years.

Dr. Mohebi says, “We plan to hold these Open House events on a regular basis. People who are interested in having a hair transplant can not only witness a live surgery performed in our office, they can also visit with some of our previous patients who have undergone the procedure.

Getting the opportunity to witness quality work and results being performed in person is vital to feeling comfortable about undergoing a procedure. It is what I would expect if I decided to have a hair transplant. My staff and I both appreciate the level of perfection that is routinely desired by our present and future patients.”

The overall interest in hair transplant procedures continues to grow according to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS).

There were 397,048 hair transplant procedures performed in 2014. This number was an increase of 28% over the number reported in their previous biannual survey year of 2012.

As more people undergo hair transplant procedures, the need for more detailed information about results and the science of hair transplant procedures will be answered during Dr. Mohebi’s Open House events in 2016.

Patients interested in moving beyond researching information on the Internet and viewing videos online are welcome to attend the Open House event on January 9th from 3pm-5pm in Encino.

Dr. Mohebi says he “scheduled the Saturday date to make it easier for interested parties to attend. Holding the Open House on a Saturday means less people will have to fight traffic after work to attend the event.” There are more Open House events planned for the coming months. A complete list of dates can be found here.

About Dr. Parsa Mohebi:

As former chairman of the FUE Research Committee and creator of several methods and techniques in modern hair restoration, Dr. Mohebi, along with his incredible staff, provides the most advanced techniques in the industry.

Dr. Mohebi prides himself in advancing new research and developing the latest technology to improve the quality of hair restoration. The overall goal at his office is to restore patient’s self-esteem through the use of quality hair restoration techniques.