Dr. Brett Bolton’s MAXHARVEST Launching International Licensing Strategy

maxharvest hair transplantThe global demand from hair loss patients for Dr Brett Bolton’s MAXHARVEST™ hair transplant procedure has created an international licensing opportunity for Great Hair Transplants. Dr. Bolton has decided to personally train a select few doctors abroad on the MAXHARVEST™ technique. Dr. Bolton is hosting the MAXHARVEST™ live surgery workshop in December later this year. The workshop is completely booked, with about half being doctors from over seas.

The company is looking for locations in Europe, Asia, and South America. Great Hair Transplants helps people with hair loss achieve remarkable results in just one procedure.

Currently, about 20% of the patients travel from outside the US. The company has been bombarded with requests to open clinics outside the US.

“At first I refused,” stated Dr Bolton. “I was concerned about quality control and making sure all patients received the best possible results. However, after training a few of my associate doctors here in the states, I am completely convinced doctors from around the world can be trained as well.

It will just take time to make sure they understand the difference in moving so much more hair in one procedure than all other hair transplant industry standard techniques,” he added.

The MAXHARVEST™ hair transplant delivers so much more density in just one procedure. Density combined with a strong natural hairline, and an undetectable scar, is what patients are requesting every day from Great Hair Transplants.

It will now just be a matter of time before people with hair loss will no longer have to travel so far for these MAXHARVEST™ results!

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Dr. Brett Bolton and Great Hair Transplants have been delivering outstanding hair transplant results to patients all around the world for more 16 years.

The company brand includes the MAXHARVEST™, Bolton Bundles, the Bolton Whorl, and the Bolton Edge as techniques pioneered for patients of Great Hair Transplants.

Examples of these techniques can be found on the company website, http://www.greathairtransplants.com. Hundreds of additional photos and videos can be seen at bloghairtransplant.com.