Get a Complimentary Hair Transplant Outcome Prediction on Miamihair

Hair transplant MiamiThe Hair Transplant Institute of Miami announces the launch of a new mobile and tablet friendly website, making hair loss information, photos, and videos available at any time, on any device.

Most exciting is the new website’s prediction of outcome simulator, a tool that allows men and women who suffer with hair loss to learn if surgical hair restoration is right for them.

“There’s an overwhelming amount of information on hair loss and transplant available online,” says Dr. Paul Rose, lead surgeon at the Hair Transplant Institute of Miami. “Some is accurate, and some is not. Our new prediction of outcome tool cuts through the clutter to quickly tell a potential patient if a hair transplant will produce a desirable result.” To visit the tool, click here.

To use the tool, website visitors simply upload two close-up photos of a trimmed area of scalp. Proprietary software analyzes the images, enabling surgeons at the Institute to measure important variables that are most likely to affect hair transplant success.

The new prediction of outcome tool is embedded within the new website, so visitors can upload photos from PC, mobile phone, or tablet to quickly receive an expert opinion from a member of the clinic’s experienced surgical team.

Patients who are candidates for transplants may elect to have a procedure performed at the Institute’s state of the art hair loss clinic, conveniently located at the Offices of Merrick Park in Coral Gables.

Traditional follicular unit transplantation (FUT) is a popular choice among Miami patients, a procedure that leaves virtually no appearance of postoperative scarring thanks to a unique trichophytic closure technique pioneered by Dr. Rose.

The Hair Transplant Institute is also home to the ARTAS® System, a revolutionary new technology that leverages the precision of robotics with advanced digital imaging to more quickly and effectively perform FUE transplants.

“Our clinic became one of the first in the nation to perform over 850 grafts per hour with the new ARTAS system,” says Dr. Bernard Nusbaum, founder of the Hair Transplant Institute. “It’s a testament not only to the technology’s rising popularity, but to our team’s expertise as well.”

The Hair Transplant Institute of Miami holds patients’ well-being and pursuit of a fuller head of hair in the highest regard.

Readers are invited to visit to learn more about the Institute’s technologies, success stories, and unparalleled commitment to patient care.