Celebrities Coming out About Hair Transplants

Up to 40% of People Aged 35 Have Experienced Hair Loss

The Fox 28 Columbus Reporter stated, “I had a hair transplant done last August and the reason I had it done is very simple…I was losing my hair!”

Sussi started his career with a full head of hair, but as years have passed, he has been losing his hair: “it was receding to the point where I couldn’t do anything with my hair every morning, and I realize I would look a lot better with hair then without hair.”

The TV star is one amongst many celebrities who have admitted to having a hair transplant to save their locks: Wayne Rooney, David Beckham, Jason Donovan, Jason Gardiner and even John Cleese.

Delighted by these revelations are FUE Hair Transplant Clinic: “These celebrities who are not only announcing their transplants but also celebrating them is creating an even greater positive press around hair transplants.

With stars of all ages and professions coming forward with the truth rather than hiding it away, it should encourage other people to come forward to get help with their hair loss issues.

“People who are embarrassed will often wait until it’s too later to take action against hair loss. I cannot stress enough how important it is for people to come forward as soon as they start to notice the signs so we can help to save as much of the hair as we can.

“Once the follicles have died off, they do not grow back; this means the more that are lost, the less we can salvage.

However, if we can transplant them before this happens, they will continue to grow as normal hair would in their new sites, in order to help re-shape receding hairlines or fill in bald patches.

We really hope going forward more people will look to transplants for confidence and hair repair.”

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