Best Hair Transplant Service Provider of the Year 2017

Panacea Global Hair Services Wins ‘Best Hair Transplant Service Provider of the Year, 2017′

Panacea Global Hair Services has emerged as the leading Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi providing hair restoration services in India.

Based in New Delhi, it has succeeded in gaining reputation across the nation and is now regarded as one of the pioneers for effective hair solutions.

Hair is definitely not indispensable for survival. Yet having a headful of hair lends a confidence that is hard to match by any other means. Hair fall is not an issue to be taken lightly though.

It requires a thorough medical check up so that the root cause can come to the forefront. With factors such as stress and genetics playing an important role in the development of alopecia, a condition that is known as hair loss in layperson’s terms, along with a host of health problems, it becomes essential to visit the reputed clinic of Panacea Global Hair Services in order to find the perfect solution.

The able medical professionals that include dermatologists as well as specialists from varied areas are seeking to find a tailor-made solution for its clients here.

The hair services hub in New Delhi now has visitors from all across the length and breadth of this great nation and beyond.

The effort of Panacea Global Hair Services did not go unnoticed as its director Mr. Praful Wadhwa was endowed with the prestigious ‘The Rising Leadership Awards of 2017’ for his entrepreneurial skills and success. His efforts and innovative ideas were much appreciated that resulted in obtaining the award for the ‘Best Hair Transplant Service Provider of the Year 2017’ presented by Ms. Karishma Kapoor.

Mr. Praful Wadhwa has indeed made the entire procedure of hair transplant much easier as the FUE method or the ‘Follicular Unit Extraction’ ensures a 100% success rate that resolves bald patches as well as total baldness effectively without the aid of stitches.

The procedure has been hailed for its least invasiveness and comes guaranteed with no side effects or scar formation. It is therefore the best ever option for people finding themselves going bald all of a sudden. The trepidation of being hairless besieges many who fear looking positively aged and suffer from a lack of self confidence.

Panacea Global Hair Services is committed to uproot the problem of hairlessness for good and has entire teams of qualified and superior medical professionals working on it.

Men or women; young or old; hair fall happens to be an issue that spares none. There is absolutely no reason to delay the procedure for long therefore. The clinic offers its services to everyone provided the individual is healthy otherwise.

PANACEA banks on FUE method of Hair Transplant, guarantees no scars, no stitches, no side effects or infections, no root touch technique, minimum downtime, and 25 years warranty.

About Panacea Global Hair Services:

Panacea Global Hair Services needs no introduction as it has slowly transcended to the number one position as the best clinic for hair transplant in Delhi today.

Panacea Global Hair Services offers quality hair transplant solutions in India. Additionally, the clinic also provides very effective Hair Fall Treatment in Delhi.

With millions of satisfied customers and thousands more queuing up for the process every day, the clinic has already established itself as a leading force that provides quality and cost effective solutions for baldness in India.